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uggs on ebay

29 Jan

i’ve joined ebay about 5 years ago, and it’s been such a money saver! i bought so many things at an unbelievable price, like a Canon SLR camera, a Chloe Paddington bag, videogames for my brother, scratching posts for my cats- you name it, they have it on ebay!

at the moment, i’m selling  my first pair of uggs that i’ve owned. they are camel colored, and have a beautiful flower pattern on the sides. i became slightly obsessed with uggs since then… it’s such a fascinating shoe, because it’s unbelievably comfortable, warm, but sooo ugly! uggs are the only shoes that i would ever wear, while consciously knowing how ugly they are- i mean come on, they make your feet look like Pingu‘s! when i went to australia for the first time, i learned about the whole ugg culture, as they originate from there (and from new zealand too). it was really interesting finding out about this footwear that is becoming more and more a status symbol all over the world, when it originated from very humble circumstances. they were used by shepherds to keep warm, were then adapted by surfers to insulate body heat before and after they would hit the water, until the early 2000’s, where celebrities started wearing them (often teamed with the juicy couture tracksuits), which skyrocketed ugg boots into stardom.
my most loved souvenirs from my australia trips, are my 5 pairs of uggs. i got them in the midi height (just below the calf), except for two, the roxy model (with the laces) and the ones with enforced fronts and rough sole profile (for the snowy swiss alps). the roxy and the tough tall ones are in the gorgeous camel color, with beige sheepwool. the other three are black, gray and hot coral red :)

getting back to the ebay topic, it often was a love/hate relationship- when i first started, i really went overboard- to the extent that i went broke a couple of times, until i found the right balance, and the novelty rubbed off. now i mainly use ebay to sell unwanted things that have some sort of value, because if the item isn’t a brand, it probably won’t sell well on ebay, but that’s ok. twice a year (at least) i clean out my closet, give my friends first pick, hand down to my cousins, and the rest is either sold on ebay or given to charity.
right now is one of those “closet cleaning” times, so i will probably be posting the things i’m selling on ebay on my blog too :)


moody model

29 Jan

I finally managed to give myself a manicure! Even though I don’t have much to do, there always is something going on, and since it’s ass cold outside, I worry about the nails getting ruined in the gloves…
But now I’m in post-going out mode, had a great mcdonald’s lunch (it’s the best thing to cure a hangover!), and am watching E!… I love it! It’s so addictive though… Anyhow, I have time to paint my nails now, and I chose my newly acquired “moody model” from h&m. It’s a beautiful teal-green-petrol shade. I also added my mattifying top coat, to give it an edge :) I love when the nails are super shiny, but I felt that this color would be more special in matte.
In the picture it looks more blueish than petrol-y, but its the phone camera :)
I’m super excited about watching the SAG awards tonight on E!, can’t wait!


26 Jan

time flies when you have nothing to do. i’m currently in between jobs, i quit my job as model booker in december, and i’m currently stuck in the application-sending/free-time loop.
at first i thought i was going to get bored quickly, but it’s been two weeks since i came back from new york, and i’m not bored yet!

today for example, i slept till 11.00, (not really my fault though, i still have difficulties falling asleep before midnight… finally drifted off around 02.00 last night), got up and fed my cats. next, i reorganized my whole shoe closet, because i had just gotten back 3 pairs of boots and 1 pair of heels, that i had brought to get the heels fixed… so i had to make space for them (to be honest, i kinda had forgotten about them, and there i was last week, thinking oh i have space for my new shoes! should have thought there was a reason for that)…it took a while, i won’t lie!
then i replaced 3 lightbulbs that went out from my awesome black chandelier. not an easy feat, i had to drag out a ladder from the back, as i live in an old building, and the ceilings are about 4 meters high! next on the list, i made a load of laundry, and stacked away what had been washed yesterday… i’m a procrastinator when it comes to doing the wash, still have things from my trip that hadn’t been tended to…

ok, so i’ve done a good amount of work around the house… but it’s only 14.00! the funny thing is, i know that if i turn on the tv, or start watching shows on my computer, time will fly. with hermes’ wings, i guarantee! it’s quite unfair… but i guess since i don’t really have much more to do, than maybe go to the gym, or make something to eat, or meet my friends after their day at work, time can run a little faster. it’s ok.

plus this extra time gives me more opportunities to go to the city, window shop, and oh- write my blog :)

first outfit post

25 Jan

so i decided to go along with the “outfit posts” that are being so successfully done on most blogs. i absolutely love seeing what people are wearing, and i was often wondering if i should integrate it on my blog. well, i thought why not? there’s always a new take on fashion and clothes, so there’s nothing really holding me back! i just hope i remember taking the pictures diligently :)

my outfit was put together to kind of highlight the boots and the bag. i was going shopping, so i wanted something really comfy and easy to take off while changing. oh and recently i’ve developed a mild obsession with stripes, hence the sweater and the scarf :)

Bag: Baldinini
Boots: D’Ambrosio
Jeggings: Bershka
Sweater: H&M
Scarf: H&M Men
Coat: Carroll

fa ny sings (funny things)

24 Jan

my best friend Mia sent me a hilarious link yesterday, i couldn’t stop laughing-

i just had to share this! whoever came up with it- well done!
the internet was full with chinese new year things yesterday, so it didn’t surprise me at all to receive this :)

happy chinese new year

23 Jan

in honor of the chinese new year, and entering into the year of the dragon, my favorite bubble tea place made a special dragonball matcha adzuki tea! adzuki is the sweet red bean flavoring, and mixed with the green matcha tea, it’s soooo yummy!

as far as i know, there are two bubble tea shops in vienna, tea-licious and baburu. they are equally good, the only advantage tea-licious has, is that it’s closer to where i live :)
bubble tea has become an obsession in our household, my brother and i are addicted to it, and most of our friends are too- we usually take fieldtrips to the bubble tea bar!
my favorite topping is tapioca, while many of my friends love the nata or the fruit jelly… no one has been courageous enough to try the popping boba yet…

happy chinese new year to everyone! may the dragon be with you.

rainy blues

19 Jan

it’s been raining the whole day- so depressing!
i actually wanted to go to the city and check out a leopard coat i saw at mango, it’s similar to this one but has a more vivid coloring… but i was just so lazy and unmotivated to leave the house, that i just didn’t even bother changing out of my pjs… yes, i’m one of those, that can spend the whole day in her pajamas doing absolutely nothing. well not exactly nothing, i’ve been on memebase, checked out asos, amazon, watched a bit of tv, dashed to the supermarket (yes, in my pjs! just threw on uggs and a coat, in case you were wondering)… hopefully i’ll be more motivated tomorrow, even if it’s still gonna be raining- that’s what i have my wellies for, not just one pair, but two. apparently i think it’s necessary to have diversity in all areas of footwear :)


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