26 Jan

time flies when you have nothing to do. i’m currently in between jobs, i quit my job as model booker in december, and i’m currently stuck in the application-sending/free-time loop.
at first i thought i was going to get bored quickly, but it’s been two weeks since i came back from new york, and i’m not bored yet!

today for example, i slept till 11.00, (not really my fault though, i still have difficulties falling asleep before midnight… finally drifted off around 02.00 last night), got up and fed my cats. next, i reorganized my whole shoe closet, because i had just gotten back 3 pairs of boots and 1 pair of heels, that i had brought to get the heels fixed… so i had to make space for them (to be honest, i kinda had forgotten about them, and there i was last week, thinking oh i have space for my new shoes! should have thought there was a reason for that)…it took a while, i won’t lie!
then i replaced 3 lightbulbs that went out from my awesome black chandelier. not an easy feat, i had to drag out a ladder from the back, as i live in an old building, and the ceilings are about 4 meters high! next on the list, i made a load of laundry, and stacked away what had been washed yesterday… i’m a procrastinator when it comes to doing the wash, still have things from my trip that hadn’t been tended to…

ok, so i’ve done a good amount of work around the house… but it’s only 14.00! the funny thing is, i know that if i turn on the tv, or start watching shows on my computer, time will fly. with hermes’ wings, i guarantee! it’s quite unfair… but i guess since i don’t really have much more to do, than maybe go to the gym, or make something to eat, or meet my friends after their day at work, time can run a little faster. it’s ok.

plus this extra time gives me more opportunities to go to the city, window shop, and oh- write my blog :)


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