uggs on ebay

29 Jan

i’ve joined ebay about 5 years ago, and it’s been such a money saver! i bought so many things at an unbelievable price, like a Canon SLR camera, a Chloe Paddington bag, videogames for my brother, scratching posts for my cats- you name it, they have it on ebay!

at the moment, i’m selling  my first pair of uggs that i’ve owned. they are camel colored, and have a beautiful flower pattern on the sides. i became slightly obsessed with uggs since then… it’s such a fascinating shoe, because it’s unbelievably comfortable, warm, but sooo ugly! uggs are the only shoes that i would ever wear, while consciously knowing how ugly they are- i mean come on, they make your feet look like Pingu‘s! when i went to australia for the first time, i learned about the whole ugg culture, as they originate from there (and from new zealand too). it was really interesting finding out about this footwear that is becoming more and more a status symbol all over the world, when it originated from very humble circumstances. they were used by shepherds to keep warm, were then adapted by surfers to insulate body heat before and after they would hit the water, until the early 2000’s, where celebrities started wearing them (often teamed with the juicy couture tracksuits), which skyrocketed ugg boots into stardom.
my most loved souvenirs from my australia trips, are my 5 pairs of uggs. i got them in the midi height (just below the calf), except for two, the roxy model (with the laces) and the ones with enforced fronts and rough sole profile (for the snowy swiss alps). the roxy and the tough tall ones are in the gorgeous camel color, with beige sheepwool. the other three are black, gray and hot coral red :)

getting back to the ebay topic, it often was a love/hate relationship- when i first started, i really went overboard- to the extent that i went broke a couple of times, until i found the right balance, and the novelty rubbed off. now i mainly use ebay to sell unwanted things that have some sort of value, because if the item isn’t a brand, it probably won’t sell well on ebay, but that’s ok. twice a year (at least) i clean out my closet, give my friends first pick, hand down to my cousins, and the rest is either sold on ebay or given to charity.
right now is one of those “closet cleaning” times, so i will probably be posting the things i’m selling on ebay on my blog too :)

One Response to “uggs on ebay”

  1. Alana 01/02/2012 at 13:24 #

    Offering friends stuff?? thats the first time I hear it :P Guess, im not really a friend, more of a pet hamster :D

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