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creamy feta and tomato spread

12 Sep

hello lovelies,

i wanted to remember the last days of summer by sharing one of my favorite summer foods.
it’s so simple, fresh and tasty!


 all you need for this delicious treat is:
– 1 box of feta cheese (can be creamy or light, salty or low-salt, however you prefer)
– some cherry tomatoes
– some dry peppermint leaves
– salt, pepper and some olive oil
– optional: lemon or lime

– wash and chop up the tomatoes, add them to the feta and stir until the feta becomes like a paste.
– add some olive oil, salt and pepper, and crush some mint leaves over the cheese.
– stir and add some more mint if you want it more minty.
– if you want to give it a zesty kick, you can add some lemon or lime to it.

done! so easy, right? you can eat this with toasted bread, as a vegetable dip, as filling for sandwiches or as a snack on the side with crackers.
it keeps for about 4-5 days in the fridge (as long as the cheese would keep normally).


back to black

10 Sep

hello lovelies!

with the colder seasons on the horizon, my interest naturally wanders to darker colors. i’m sure yours does too.
let me tell you why i love black. well, it’s actually quite simple: who doesn’t?
not only is black slimming, elegant, timeless and über cool, it is also one of the easiest colors to wear. outfit all in black? why not. don’t know what to wear with this shirt/pants/shoes/bag/jacket? make the missing piece black, and in 99% of the cases you’ll be good to go.
mixing various textures and fabrics in an all-black outfit gives it a stylish edge, and doesn’t give an impression of a boring uniform. plus, any accent of color in the form of jewellery or accessories will pop against the dark “backdrop”.

black beauty- via

black is (or should be) a staple color in everyone’s wardrobe. you can never have too much black in my opinion. got 8  plain black tees? so what. you’ll wear them.
which brings me to my next point: black shoes. how many pairs of black shoes are enough? two? seven? fifteen? 
trick question!
there is no such thing as enough black shoes. am i right ladies and gents? unless you have the same identical pair three times. otherwise, you cannot seriously tell me that a pair of black smooth leather peeptoes are the same as black suede slingback peeptoes? or that black patent pumps count as much as black textured leather stilettos? or that having three different model black ballerinas are too many?! exactly. you can’t.

you might wonder what this post is about (besides my love for black and shoes)… well, it’s about my newest purchase!three pairs of black steve madden shoes.

1. wedge sneakers- yes, i know i just got some, but these are black. and have studs. awesome by default.

model: hamlit

2. boots with a block heel. don’t have one of those, the boots i have are either flat, or with a stiletto type heel. ergo, i needed these.

model: estellle

3. classic elegant pumps. i recently discovered that i mostly have peeptoes in my closet, and that just won’t do. every girl needs a similar pair of pumps, because they go with everything- will dress up jeans and a top, and will work with more elegant or work-related clothes. essential.

model: aspire

which shoes have you bought recently? what is your favorite pair of black footwear?


welcome, autumn!

6 Sep

hello lovelies!

happy september, and all the wonderful things autumn brings with it!

although fall doesn’t officially start until the 22nd of september, many are already mourning the demise of the summer season. you know, i was amongst them. my summer passed by so incredibly fast, and i didn’t even get a chance to fully enjoy it (i blame work!)! i went swimming about 3-4 times, and can honestly say that this is the least tanned i’ve ever been. like ever. boooo

i love wearing summer clothes- colorful dresses, cute tops and shorts, skirts and sandals- it was only normal that i was kind of saddened by september coming along so soon. 

however, i quickly changed my mind while browsing pinterest. almost every second pin was an autumn inspiration outfit, and it was just enough to trigger my fondness for boots, cardigans, shawls and leather jackets…

fall essentials!


effortlessly glam!

so cozy!

oh my darling darling fall clothes, fret not, because i cannot wait to wear you very very soon! 
i think that in the course of the next couple of weeks, i’ll be slowly transferring my extremely summery wardrobe to the unreachable heights of the closet– a special place where the out-of-season clothes go to rest, until they are needed again. neons and crazy colorful pieces are probably the candidates to be banished to the heights first, so that i can still incorporate some not-so-in-your-face summer things into early autumn outfits, but then i’m guessing that by mid-october i will have a purely fall/winter wardrobe again…

Not too long now, beloved boots, not too long…


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