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pastel spring ’12

29 Feb

whenever i go downtown, i have to pass by zara. i often don’t even buy anything, but i love just wandering through the aisles making mental wishlists.
yesterday i went for a stroll even though the weather sucked, and i forgot to take an umbrella, so by the time i came home again i was soaked through and through, but whatever- i’m not made of sugar :)

when i entered zara i felt so happy- my eyes combed through racks and racks of clothes in all pastel colors- my heart rejoiced!
i’m a sucker for pastels. those beautiful, romantic, feminine, lithe colors always put me in a great mood, and make everything seem… prettier!
i took some pictures with my phone- sorry for the quality :)

pretty mints, sky blues and floral patterns

of course, a spring collection wouldn’t be a spring collection without floral patterns, and it was cool to see that they didn’t have just “regular” flowers, but also more abstract patterns.
a flood of beiges, whites, mints, lemon yellows, turquoises, baby pinks and sky blues made a nice contrast to the rainy day, and the colors were enhanced by the diversity of textures and patterns. lace still reigned supreme in most design, but also fabric combinations were widespread.

lemon yellows, florals and sky blues

what i particularly liked was that strong colors were still very much part of the collection! there was alot of red, black, navy, and gray shades, to complement the finer lighter colors. don’t wanna go around looking like a lollipop, so it’s important not to overdo the pastel trend in an all-over look (except for a combination with white and beige, i guess).

mints, florals, reds and dark jeans

shades of navy


the pastel trend is not limited to the girls- oh no, boys are encouraged to wear the pretty colors aswell, but maybe in a more understated look. i love the combination of colored pants, and a simple white, beige or gray shirt or t-shirt, or vice versa, a pretty pastel (or bold colored) top half combined with dark jeans or pants.

men's section- so colorful!

literally cannot wait for spring to finally come- adieu coats and heavy boots, hello pretty dresses, sandals and ballerinas!


chicken surprise!

27 Feb

today i discovered that i’m harboring an amateur chef inside of me :)

ages ago i saw an ad on tv about some cooking thing, where you have a ready made spice mixture in a transparent, heat resistant baggy, and you just have to throw chicken (or fish or meat) in it, seal it and throw it in the oven! i was amazed, it looked so easy! and, it has the amazing advantage of  being virtually fat free cooking! of course i had to try it, but instead of buying the (overpriced and additive-full) ready made stuff, i got just the baggies- which actually have apparently been around for ever, but people (or maybe just me?) never knew about.

so i had the baggies laying around in a drawer for the past 2 months at least, and finally on saturday, i decided that i had to give it a go, so i bought chicken drumsticks- easy piece to start with :)
today was finally the day i got to it: peeled the skin off the legs, chopped a quarter of a red onion, half an orange bell pepper in dices, peeled and cut up 3 medium potatoes, and threw everything in the baggy. i read online that with this cooking method, the flavors become more intense, so one shouldn’t overdo it with the spices, so instead of adding salt, i sliced up a handful of black olives, and added them to the bag. finally, you need a little bit of moisture- i took a scarce tablespoon of olive oil, and some lemon and lime juice, mixed them, and poured it into the bag!

then all you have to do is tie the baggy, poke a couple of holes in it with a toothpick (on the upper side!), and pop it into the preheated oven, on 200°C for about 45 mins to an hour.
final step, put the bag onto a dish or bowl, cut it open and slide the contents onto the plate. voilá! delicious!

candy on your body

26 Feb

today we swapped our fortnightly brunch session with lunch at ramien, this awesome asian noodle restaurant in the 6th district. after that, we went for dessert at café pierre, a cute french bistro, where we had lemon tarts, crèpes and coffee- trés jolie! even though we were full, we were still craving bubble tea, so we strolled towards the first district enjoying the sunshine. we went to baburu at schottentor, where they serve the deliciously addictive concoction. the first thing i noticed when we got in was that the girl at the cash register was wearing awesome play station controller earrings!

ps controllers, lollipops, cupcakes

i was blown away, they are so cool! what amazed me even more is that she did them herself, and she did all the ones that were on exhibit at the store! such cute and detailed earrings, rings and necklace charms! lollipops, donuts, cupcakes, gingerbread hearts, sushi, onigiri, stuffed biscuit hearts- i don’t think she missed anything, there was even a pizza slice necklace charm! crazy!

oreo necklace charm, biscuit hearts, cupcakes, donuts

stuffed biscuit rings, waffle heart earrings, onigiri earrings

unfortunately i didn’t take pictures of the magnets, key/phone chains and other figurines (of which the cute pizza charm) that weren’t on the main display- the place was crowded, but i’ll take some more when i go again :)

future stylists increase my blogroll

25 Feb

you may have noticed the blogroll section on this blog- well, it’s about to get longer!

while surfing facebook today, i was reminded of the asos future stylist competition that was in its second round at the moment. the first time around i was actively following it and voting, but somehow it keeps slipping my mind these days! there are sill 12 future stylists in the running, and the theme of the second round was clash of the prints. i had a really hard time picking my favorite, and in the end i gave my vote to Kani… in my opinion she nailed the theme without going for an understated look (like a couple of the other competitors), but went full on bold patterns and colors, which takes alot of guts and creativity!

i visited some of the competitor’s blogs, and the ones that i’m adding to my blogroll are: The Modern Man by Billy- creative, wearable, dressy-casual and just a great source of inspiration for the boy who wants a couple of new ideas and outfits :)
next is Fashion Hedonism by Christing- extremely stylish, high end mixed with high street mixed with vintage. amazingly cool combinations, the perfect source for experimenting with different styles, fabrics and colors.
jazzabelle’s diary by Jazmine- a wonderful collection of pictures from her travels, and beautiful lithe style inspirations. She is all about the colors and texture mix, and pulls very cute, stylish and effortless outfits.

hope you enjoy these blogs as much as i do, and spare a couple of minutes to take a look at the asos future stylist competition, it’s alot of fun, and you can get so many ideas from the outfits these guys pull!

i <3 the postman

24 Feb

i love love love the postman. he always brings me nice things. like for example the asos package i got this week. (he leaves the silly envelopes in the mailbox, so thoughtful, right?)

i also love love love asos. it’s like an obsession! i can’t go a few days without browsing the site, and reveling in the beauty of the things on there. i also can very rarely stop myself from filling the shopping cart, and press on the damned buy button. oh well.
this week’s purchases include a beautiful mint colored shirt dress with a dipped hem. and i couldn’t resist getting it in cobalt blue aswell! since i was in a very pastel-y mood, i opted for the lemon colored 7/8th skinny jeans while browsing the pants section.

mint green dress

cobalt blue dress

lemon yellow jeans

i found the shirt i’ve had my eye on ever since seeing it on the gabifresh blog! i was so happy! isn’t it supercool?

supercool panther shirt

next, in the footwear and accessories categories, i found a really cute filigrane charm bracelet from Anouska London, a pair of leather and canvas wedges that will go with everything in spring and summer, and 4 pairs of espadrilles! i know 4 pairs might seem alot, but honestly, i got my first pair last summer, and i wore the hell out of them- they are literally falling to pieces, so i needed to replace them asap! let me tell you why they are so cool: 1. super versatile, go with everything 2. extremely comfy 3. less dressy than ballerinas 4. more dressy than flipflops – i could go on and on, but let’s just say that you don’t regret buying them! i got them in black, navy, coral and with a flower pattern.

leather and canvas wedges

Anouska London elephant charm bracelet

coral espadrilles

flower espadrilles

if you haven’t tried shopping on asos yet, i highly recommend it :)
they ship for free worldwide, and their customer service is very good (in case you need to get in touch for returns/refunds).


20 Feb

i’m travelling to bern today, to surprise my mom. she is having surgery around noon, and i’ll be there when she wakes up!

i haven’t left vienna since i came back from the states in january, so i’m kind of excited to be airport bound again, even if it’s for a short trip :)

i found a picture online that made me laugh so hard, because this is how i always feel when walking through the airport- international glamorous jetsetter, reduced to bum-like status in a matter of seconds!

*sparkle sparkle* -- not so much

i might not be able to blog from switzerland, but if my sim card is still active (like it should be), then nothing can stop me!

happy monday everybody!


19 Feb

i baked again yesterday! wanted to give those banana muffins a second chance, and you know what, i’m glad i did, because they turned out delicious! moist and banana-y, with the nutella heart. i baked them for less time, and added a fourth banana- that seemed to fix the dryness that bothered me at my first attempt.

yummy banana nutella muffins

here’s the recipe, i got it online, and modified it a little:


-1/2 cup of butter (or margarine)
-2 eggs
-4 medium bananas ( they should be very ripe, almost brown, so that they are sweet and soft)
-1 teaspoon vanilla (liquid)
-1/2 teaspoon vanilla-sugar
-1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda (or baking powder)
-50 ml milk (i used skimmed, you can use whichever you prefer)
-1/2 cup of sugar (white or brown)
-1 1/2 cups of flour
nutella (optional)


– cream butter, sugar,vanilla-sugar and the liquid vanilla (this is best when the butter is already very soft or molten)
– add eggs separately, beating well
– mash the bananas and add them to the mixture. beat well until everything is smooth
– dissolve the bicarbonate of soda in the milk, and add the flour and the milk alternatively
– grease the cupcake mould or insert papers, and fill with the dough. if you want to add the nutella hearts, fill the moulds halfway with batter, then put a dollop of nutella in the center of each. cover with the rest of the batter until the moulds are full (or almost full).
– bake for about 20-25 mins on 180°C (depending on your oven, test with a toothpick)
– let cool for a bit

fill halfways, then put a dollop of nutella in the center

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