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30 Nov

lovelies, i need to confess that i have a shoe addiction.
the thing that gives me great strength, is knowing that i am not alone with my condition.
but at least i’ve come to admitting it. that’s the first step, isn’t it?

i honestly don’t know how many pairs of shoes i own. but i do know that it’s still in the double digits… i think… no, it is. maybe i should get down to counting them some day. but then again i might really freak out and recoil in horror at the sheer number of shoes that will be laying around the floor.
ah i dream of the day, when i can have a whole room just for my shoes. or a room big enough to fit my shoes and my clothes. just looking at some of the shoe closets of some celebrities makes me want my own even more!
take a look:

rachel zoe’s shoe closet

khloe kardashian’s shoe closet (that’s not even all of it!)

christina aguilera’s closet (home to about 750 pairs!)

just wow, right?
i can fit in my closet just about the shoes needed for spring/summer and fall/winter respectively. it has a couple of top shelves that are really high up, so i stow away the unseasonal ones up there. however, it is still a bit of a pain, because i do have to really wedge every pair in there, and stack them on top of eachother…  here is a picture of my closet during spring/summer. you can actually see my timberlands and winter sneakers in the top part, below and behind them are boots and uggs.

not much space left…

of course it doesn’t help that i wear a size 41- my shoes are by default quite big! that is probably a reason why i do have so many shoes, because my size is a bit harder to find, when i do spot one that fits, i pounce!
i made a bet with myself, that for the whole month of october i wouldn’t shop for anything. ruthlessly nothing. and you know what? i did it! i went an entire month without buying so much as a t-shirt, nothing! i rewarded myself by buying a pair of shoes in the first november week. bam!

so pretty, couldn’t just leave them. no.

now that i’ve shared my main addiction (yes, there’s a couple of minor ones that involve bags and jeans…), i want to hear from you! what can’t you resist buying?



26 Jan

time flies when you have nothing to do. i’m currently in between jobs, i quit my job as model booker in december, and i’m currently stuck in the application-sending/free-time loop.
at first i thought i was going to get bored quickly, but it’s been two weeks since i came back from new york, and i’m not bored yet!

today for example, i slept till 11.00, (not really my fault though, i still have difficulties falling asleep before midnight… finally drifted off around 02.00 last night), got up and fed my cats. next, i reorganized my whole shoe closet, because i had just gotten back 3 pairs of boots and 1 pair of heels, that i had brought to get the heels fixed… so i had to make space for them (to be honest, i kinda had forgotten about them, and there i was last week, thinking oh i have space for my new shoes! should have thought there was a reason for that)…it took a while, i won’t lie!
then i replaced 3 lightbulbs that went out from my awesome black chandelier. not an easy feat, i had to drag out a ladder from the back, as i live in an old building, and the ceilings are about 4 meters high! next on the list, i made a load of laundry, and stacked away what had been washed yesterday… i’m a procrastinator when it comes to doing the wash, still have things from my trip that hadn’t been tended to…

ok, so i’ve done a good amount of work around the house… but it’s only 14.00! the funny thing is, i know that if i turn on the tv, or start watching shows on my computer, time will fly. with hermes’ wings, i guarantee! it’s quite unfair… but i guess since i don’t really have much more to do, than maybe go to the gym, or make something to eat, or meet my friends after their day at work, time can run a little faster. it’s ok.

plus this extra time gives me more opportunities to go to the city, window shop, and oh- write my blog :)

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