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halloween fever

30 Oct

lovelies, i’m excited!
tomorrow is halloween! definitely in my top 5 festivities/holidays, not just because of the mystique and ancient tradition it represents, but also because there’s costumes!
i’m a sucker for dressing up, my favorite kind of parties are the ones that have a theme, or require some sort of disguise.
this year i’m going as a witch. not too creative, but i’ve found the most adorable little witch hat, and i just had to get it. ergo, witch it is.
i’ll post a picture of my costume on thursday, i know you’re curious ;)
i’m so happy that europe is catching up with celebrating halloween, more and more clubs are throwing halloween parties, and people are really getting into it!
what are/did you dressing up as?

n another note, i’ve decided to add another section to my blog: shop brownponytail’s closet.
ebay is really not doing it for me anymore, and i’d rather sell my stuff to someone who will appreciate it. it’s mostly going to be either unused, new items (impulse buys!), or rarely and very carefully used things.
does anybody have experience with selling clothes via their blog? which payment methods do you use? have you encountered any problems?


hiatus over

23 Oct

lovelies- my hiatus is done.

i promise.

this past month, i’ve been absent from the blogosphere because of… well, life actually.
i’ve had friends visiting, work keeping me busy and uninspired, general writer’s block, books i’ve been reading, and been hanging out with friends. all activities that had me invest my time, leaving no room for sitting at the computer.

don’t think that i haven’t been thinking of you though! oh no. i’ve been diligently taking pictures, baking and cooking, so that i can show you what i’ve been up to this past month.

stay tuned for the next posts, in the meantime, here’s a picture of yuki at dinner last night. he’s fancy like that.

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