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8 May

since i’m at the office, and share the room with 4 people i can’t really laugh out loud (lol), because i should be, in fact, working.

but i like taking little fun breaks!
there’s actually a few studies that prove that employees who take small breaks and use facebook, check their personal email, or do other stuff, perform better, because they are more balanced out! so there.

i really wanted to lol at this

i’m sorry, but how true is this?? i can’t be the only one (well, me and the author of this picture) that cracks myself up, can i?

i often catch myself talking out loud- especially when i need to do things… i think it helps me remember things better when i say and hear them out loud. has anyone noticed talking to themselves?

on a different note, i’ve reaaally neglected the work outfits post, i know! i’m very sorry, but in my defense, i’ve been taking the pictures but just haven’t found the time to post them yet… it’s a shitty defense argument but it’s true!
thing is, when i get home from work i rarely turn on my pc anymore, because i’m already staring at the silly computer at work all day long, and i feel like my kitties appreciate my undivided attention and cuddles :)

i’ll try to get them done tonight! would you rather see the different outfits as single entries, or as one big post? what is easier for you, my darling readers to read/look at?


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