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bubblegum hair! or not?

9 Aug

hello lovelies!

hope everyone has been having a good week and that everyone is as excited as i am that tomorrow is friday!

 since my brain is already on weekend mode, i’ve spent my morning browsing pinterest (which bytheway, i’ve just discovered! i know, i know, super late, but better than never!) and stumbled upon some amazing pictures of hairstyles.

now, my hair is relatively untouched- when i was twelve i sprayed sun-in one summer, but that’s as far as i ever got to altering my hair, until two years ago i’ve tried henna for the first time. i used the reddish one, and it gave my dark brown hair a beautiful mahogany-red shine. right now, i’m in the mood for change! i’d considered jumping on the ombre hair bandwagon before, but after seeing these pictures, i’m seriously thinking of doing it!


it’s a beautiful and understated look (well ok, not the pink one), and would fit well in a “regular life” scenario. i doubt i would go to such a blonde shade though, probably more honey blonde than white-ish platinum. 
i feel that if one doesn’t live in california, new york, london or melbourne, and/or isn’t an “it-girl” or a model, the pink hair might look a little odd- especially since i’m still working at a bank. maybe when i get a new, cooler job i’ll pink it up.

i would like to ask for your opinion, my lovely readers, and am asking you to vote in the below poll!
please help me decide what to do with my hair!
ps: if you don’t know how my mane looks like, you can see it here.

vacation report I – ticino

16 Jul

hello lovelies!

sorry for my absence, it’s been a somewhat stressy couple of days, but now i can finally unwind- i’m on vacation in switzerland in ticino, where i grew up. so many memories! this place is beautiful, every time i come back i’m reminded of how blessed i was growing up in this little patch of heaven.

look, this is the view from my bedroom window- i want to add that the window takes up 3/4 of the wall, top to bottom, so it’s quite an impressive sight at any time of day:

i arrived saturday around noon, flew from vienna to zürich and then took the train to bellinzona. bellinzona is one of the bigger towns in the canton ticino- the italian side of switzerland (most southern part, bordering with italy), and it is known for its three majestic castles. the flight was so early, i had to get up at 4.15 am- pure torture! yuki wasn’t happy about having his night interrupted either, he just kept observing me from my pillow while i was getting ready- it took a lot of willpower not to get back to bed:

yesterday we went to have lunch at an amazing grotto (not what hugh hefner has- a grotto in italian is a small rustic restaurant) in montagnola, a suburb of lugano situated on a hill over the lake- beautiful area! pictures and a report to follow. fun facts about montagnola: the writer hermann hesse used to live here, and george harrison (the beatles) used to spend his summers there in his mansion.
we also passed by tasis, my high school, and needless to say the memories almost got me choked up! the campus became so much bigger and impressive! i can’t wait to meet some of my friends that now work there as summer camp tutors!

hope everyone is having a great weekend!

the post-weekend laundry monster

4 Jun

distortion was a blast! a partially wet and cold blast, but thanks to copious amounts of beer and assorted shots, we kept warm at the core :)
in fact, i was having so much drunk fun that i didn’t manage to take a single picture. the fact that i forgot my camera’s charger probably also contributed to the lack of documentation… oh well.

naturally, everything i wore during the weekend was flung onto the already (larger than life) overflowing laundry basket. on top of the basket isn’t a type-o- oh no, i haven’t seen the bottom of it in a while, i can barely remember that it’s blue.

i just found a pretty cool website from new zealand, aimed at moms, that has tips on how to tackle the laundry monster! the folding devil and the ironing daemon are also addressed (i just made those two up, cool ha?), so there is still some hope!

it will come as no big surprise to you that tonight, i will be going to battle!

my nemesis

wish me luck, have me in your thoughts, because tonight- we dine after the monster has been slain!

out of curiosity, do you have laundry issues aswell? how do you tackle the overflowing laundry basket? do you devise a system? a schedule?
let me know, help is greatly appreciated! :)


8 May

since i’m at the office, and share the room with 4 people i can’t really laugh out loud (lol), because i should be, in fact, working.

but i like taking little fun breaks!
there’s actually a few studies that prove that employees who take small breaks and use facebook, check their personal email, or do other stuff, perform better, because they are more balanced out! so there.

i really wanted to lol at this

i’m sorry, but how true is this?? i can’t be the only one (well, me and the author of this picture) that cracks myself up, can i?

i often catch myself talking out loud- especially when i need to do things… i think it helps me remember things better when i say and hear them out loud. has anyone noticed talking to themselves?

on a different note, i’ve reaaally neglected the work outfits post, i know! i’m very sorry, but in my defense, i’ve been taking the pictures but just haven’t found the time to post them yet… it’s a shitty defense argument but it’s true!
thing is, when i get home from work i rarely turn on my pc anymore, because i’m already staring at the silly computer at work all day long, and i feel like my kitties appreciate my undivided attention and cuddles :)

i’ll try to get them done tonight! would you rather see the different outfits as single entries, or as one big post? what is easier for you, my darling readers to read/look at?


reporting from california

13 Apr

sadly, this is our last day in california, and the last day of our trip.
I’ve taken so many pictures that i can’t wait to post here and on facebook! we went surfing yesterday, and I’m so sore today! unfortunately there’s a storm here since last night, which totally sucks! we were planning on going to the beach again, and renting the awesome beach cruiser bicycles, but none of that is happening now… we’ll have to find something else to do, besides getting our nails done :)
Stay posted for the entries with pictures!

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