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post birthday report

26 Apr

26. that’s how old i am right now.

on the 24th of april, i turned a year older- probably not much wiser yet though…
i’m lucky enough to share my birthday with my best friend, even though she is a year older muahaha-ha, so we usually manage to throw a party or get a dinner event going.

this year, we celebrated at frank’s american restaurant with a small group of close friends. the special thing about frank’s is that it’s huge, and the menu is varied and everything (no seriously, everything!) is delicious- oh and they serve fantastic cocktails!

my starter was a flavorful mushroom crostini dish (similar to a bruschetta), and my main course was a luscious cheeseburger with a side of rough-cut fries and onion rings. can anyone tell i’m missing being in the states? :)
the whole evening through i drank cool water, a cocktail based on gin and blue curacao, with lemon, soda and sugar- it was like drinking a swimming pool, so fun!
my brother organized a surprise dessert, two warm soft chocolate cakes, that had a soufflé- like lava center! they came with vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis- heavenly!

the evening couldn’t have been better, we laughed so hard at times, i thought we were going to get kicked out for being so noisy! i got lots of wonderful presents- let’s say that i will be very clean and awesome smelling for the next 6 months at least, i got so many amazing bath and body products! i also got the hunger games trilogy, a beautiful moleskine and pen, a spa voucher (thank you brother!) and other very useful stuff.

unfortunately, as with all good things, the day came to an end. and i fell into a pit of blue-ness.

sad birthday cat is sad

why is my phone so silent? gone were the calls, texts, bbms and facebook notifications that have followed me at very regular intervals throughout the day. 
and then my brain started working overtime: god you’re so old now, you’re past 25! look at you, single and at yet another new job. what about your grand plan, hm? in the grand scheme, you should be slowly settling down with someone, if you want to get married before you’re 30. you need to go buy wrinkle cream soon. one more year and you are officially not considered a “student” anymore. hey, in 4 years you’ll be 30. you get the gist, no?

so i said, fuck you brain! yes i just started another job, and yes i’m single- so what? i’m happy and healthy, have wonderful friends and a loving, supporting family. that’s more than some younger people can say for themselves.
so, in the wise words of barney stinson, i stopped being sad and became awesome instead.

and now i can really enjoy my presents, make plans for the year, throw myself into my new job, go shopping with all the money i will be making, travel, and relish in the freedom i have right at this moment.
26 is not old. hell, it’s actually going to be an awesome year.



on being phoneless

20 Mar

since i got back from switzerland on sunday night, my phone hasn’t been working… something is wrong with the puk code or something silly like that, and it tells me i have to contact my provider. yesterday, i forgot to go. i forgot to get my phone fixed.
you must know that my phone and i have a very codependent relationship- i do everything with it, it’s always with me. even when i’m in the shower, my phone is always in reach- just in case. i might be a little nuts.
so these past two days, i’ve been slumming it caveman style! ok ok to be fair, i have my computer, so i’m communicating over facebook and twitter- it’s not like i’m totally severed from the world, but i must say, it has been… how should i say, oddly relaxing being without my phone! you hear about people doing “detoxes” from their phone every once in a while, and how they describe the feeling of freedom from the technological chains. i always thought that was bullshit, honestly. how much of an impact can your cell phone actually have on your life- get a grip!
well, now that it’s happened to me (albeit unwillingly) it really hit me how dependent i am of my beloved blackberry! and not just the dependence on the phone itself (calendar, contacts, etc.) no, the constant ring ring that i am compelled to answer, makes me a slave to my little cell. i’m not saying that from now on, i will turn my cellphone off during the night, or that i won’t take it with me to the bathroom- no, i just think that i probably will have a more nonchalant attitude towards the whole concept… i’ve been two days without my cellphone. nothing happened. life goes on. people reached me just fine.
it reminds me a bit of the 90s… i was in my very early teens, and cellphones were only being used by very important businessmen. sometimes i wonder, how we managed to go years- no decades!- without cellphones… something that seems so essential now, and yet is so new! i remember people being more punctual… without a means to let the other party know you are running late, you either had to be on time, or you had to profusely apologize for being late. i think this is the main difference i remember- people being more self centered when playing with their phones when in public or in a group seems less evident- i recall people dedicating this much attention to books, magazines, game boys and tamagotchis- no real difference there.
now, i’m off to get my blackberry fixed- two days is enough detox for me :)

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