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the post-weekend laundry monster

4 Jun

distortion was a blast! a partially wet and cold blast, but thanks to copious amounts of beer and assorted shots, we kept warm at the core :)
in fact, i was having so much drunk fun that i didn’t manage to take a single picture. the fact that i forgot my camera’s charger probably also contributed to the lack of documentation… oh well.

naturally, everything i wore during the weekend was flung onto the already (larger than life) overflowing laundry basket. on top of the basket isn’t a type-o- oh no, i haven’t seen the bottom of it in a while, i can barely remember that it’s blue.

i just found a pretty cool website from new zealand, aimed at moms, that has tips on how to tackle the laundry monster! the folding devil and the ironing daemon are also addressed (i just made those two up, cool ha?), so there is still some hope!

it will come as no big surprise to you that tonight, i will be going to battle!

my nemesis

wish me luck, have me in your thoughts, because tonight- we dine after the monster has been slain!

out of curiosity, do you have laundry issues aswell? how do you tackle the overflowing laundry basket? do you devise a system? a schedule?
let me know, help is greatly appreciated! :)

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