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first day of work outfit

21 Apr

hello lovelies!
in an earlier post i mentioned that i started a new job this week, so this post is super late- sorry!
before settling for an outfit, i looked around online to get inspired, and i was happy to see that most “first day at work” outfits were relatively similar, and more or less what i had in mind. i stumbled across Amanda’s blog, and i absolutely love her style! so i was thrilled when her “first day at work” combo, looked so similar to what i had picked out for myself:

amanda's outfit

my only internal debate was whether to wear heels or flats… i wore heels to my interview, to give me the self confidence to be awesome, but i didn’t know whether they would make me uncomfortable if i wore them all day. i’m relatively tall, so when i wear heels i usually am taller than most girls, so since i didn’t really want to stick out, i opted for flats. here’s what i wore:

blazer: mango
shirt: vero moda
jeans: kate moss for topshop
shoes: asos
necklace: thrift store in Sydney

what did you guys wear on your first day of work?


outlet city

29 Mar

i’m just about to go to Parndorf Designer Outlet City with my mom. we are skilled bargain hunters, and i think a good 95% of my wardrobe was bought on sale or special offer.

i don’t like paying full price for something… it is such an exhilarating feeling making a bargain on clothes, shoes, bags and accessories!
since i’m travelling to the states in a week, i want to see if i can add anything to the stuff i’m taking :)

i’ll post how it went later today!



i got some major bargains!!!
from the michael kors store, i got two slouchy cardigans, one black and one cream in a wool mix, for a ridiculous price. i also found an awesome blazer with long satin lapels that will help glam up jeans perfectly.
from the ralph lauren shop i got a merino wool mint colored sweater, with a lilac pony embroidery- so beautiful and soft!
i also couldn’t help myself, and had to stop by mango- genius idea (one should always follow their instincts!) i found pretty camel colored suede booties with a cylindric dark wood stiletto heel, and super practical beige linen wedges with straw wedge heel. and, i also found a caramel colored oversize blazer (similar to this color) for 15 euros! 15!!!
did i mention i love a good bargain?
oh and i got a fuchsia skin watch to wear at the beach from the swatch outlet.
i’ll post pictures of the items when i wear them :)

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