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first day of work outfit

21 Apr

hello lovelies!
in an earlier post i mentioned that i started a new job this week, so this post is super late- sorry!
before settling for an outfit, i looked around online to get inspired, and i was happy to see that most “first day at work” outfits were relatively similar, and more or less what i had in mind. i stumbled across Amanda’s blog, and i absolutely love her style! so i was thrilled when her “first day at work” combo, looked so similar to what i had picked out for myself:

amanda's outfit

my only internal debate was whether to wear heels or flats… i wore heels to my interview, to give me the self confidence to be awesome, but i didn’t know whether they would make me uncomfortable if i wore them all day. i’m relatively tall, so when i wear heels i usually am taller than most girls, so since i didn’t really want to stick out, i opted for flats. here’s what i wore:

blazer: mango
shirt: vero moda
jeans: kate moss for topshop
shoes: asos
necklace: thrift store in Sydney

what did you guys wear on your first day of work?


home sweet home

15 Apr

i’m finally back home, and cannot wait to get into my wonderful bed. my bed and i share a deep connection- no one can comfort me like my beloved bed.

a little bit of news that i didn’t share yet: tomorrow is my first day at a new job! i’ll be working in the communications department of one of the biggest banks here in austria. muy exciting! in honor of that, i think i’ll add another outfit category: work outfit of the day(s).
right now i still don’t know what i’m wearing tomorrow, but i think i will go with a blue jeans-blouse-blazer combo. there is no dresscode there, so i think going with something casual but semi-formal is appropriate for a first day… what do you think? what did you wear on your first day at work?

on friday, my best friend and i got our nails done while we were still in huntington beach, and i made it a point to choose the perfect shade for “newbie at work” mode. something cute, simple but not boring. i chose opi’s sparrow me the drama, from the pirates of the caribbean collection – a pretty, opaque antique rose shade- but fresh, not like the color you see on old houses.

opi sparrow me the drama

this picture is not my hand, it’s from google- i don’t have time right now to move the pics from the camera to the pc, but i’ll do it tomorrow, promise :)

i will also show you my finds from a thrift store, and the cool things i bought on this trip!

toodles for now!

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