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9 Jul

yes! ok! you got me! i’m guilty!

my guilt box is plenty full!

my guilt box is plenty full!

why, you ask?
well, because i just saw that my last post was in january!
shameful. hopeless. bad.
i know!
32465566i’m sorry. so so so sorry. if i were a dog, this is what i would look like right now

i am denver. denver is me.

i am denver. denver is me.

i will not let it happen again, i promise. you know what the worst part is? i’ve actually been photo-documenting everything noteworthy, so that i can blog about it.
without wanting to bore you about being uninspired, i’ll just blame life again. ha! yes, life has handed me quite a few cards- taken away some, and then dished out some more. so there, that’s why i haven’t been blogging. oh yeah, and the weather (the weather is always a great scapegoat). it has been so nice outside these past weeks, that i really barely use the computer. so there. mobile blogging? oh right, i have that too… ok well then here: my phone battery always runs out too fast! ha! ha! gotcha.

in case you don’t know who denver is, you need to watch this gem:




14 Mar

i’ve added a new category: musings and daydreams.
it seemed appropriate, as i didn’t really know in which category i could put random thoughts, brainfarts, general wonderings and all the other things that whirl through my mind.

at the moment i’m constantly followed by some sort of restlessness… which expands into (day)dreams and a desire to make a change. it is now my 6th year in vienna, and i love it. i mentioned in an earlier post that to me, vienna is the most beautiful city in the world. i live in a great apartment with three cats and my brother. our parents visit us often, i have a great group of friends- honestly, i’m very happy with my life.
then why do i keep getting this nagging feeling? this urge to move on, try something new, do something else?
it might be because i’m still jobless at the moment- granted, i could be looking for one alot harder, but still, the point is to find something i like (or would like) to do, not throwing myself into just anything… right?
maybe, and i think that is the actual problem, i don’t really know what i want to do. wow. when i first realised that, i was a little taken aback. if i don’t know what i want to do, who would?
i want to add that there is no lack of wishes and dreams as to what i would like to be doing. i think it’s quite the contrary, maybe there’s just too many things i want to try!
one of my life dreams is to work with animals, particularly horses and dogs… it is probably the one constant passion i’ve been carrying around my whole life. other things came and went, but this always stayed. in my mind, i would own a ranch, somewhere in montana -thanks to the horsewhisperer, that’s been the backdrop for this dream. or maybe somewhere in california would do too, with access to a nice secluded beach. my brain plays it out like this:

riding through snow - montana

a girl and her horse (photo by kevin sadler)

yeeehaaw into the sunset

then again, i have another very very different dream. the glitz and glamour of a career in fashion or the entertainment industry! that’s quite a change from the previous one, isn’t it? i think i’m on the right track about not knowing what i want…
having worked at a model agency, i got hands on experience with this fantastical world, and i’m hooked. i don’t care if it’s a shallow, exploitative industry- it’s fun and fast paced, and i like it!
now, sadly, in vienna this particular sector is veeeeery limited… it is bigger in paris, milan or london, but it doesn’t compare to the land of entertainers, the united states. would i be able and willing to move to the usa to pursue a career? cowgirl or showbiz? or is it better (safer?) to stay in good old europe and make the best of it?
the thing is, i would consider moving to denmark, too. for totally different reasons, but it would be an option! the people are so cool, the whole scandinavian culture is so different and relaxed, it almost feels like being out of europe. i used to say “the danish are the australians of europe”. i still stand by that. but then again, i loved australia! sydney and melbourne were such amazing places, i would love to move there too! again, different reasons than any of the ones above, it has a unique appeal!

see where the problem is? my (let’s face it raging) wanderlust has gotten me all confused! so many places, with such different characteristics and appeals! how could i make a decision? what would be the best thing to do? how do i determine what the best thing is? is it happiness? career? money? ideally it would be a mix of everything, but the existence of such an outcome seems quite utopic, no?

i would love to hear your thoughts about this :)

my kitties <3

13 Mar

i’ve talked about my cats, but i haven’t showed you my furballs yet!
most of my friends (except for the purely “dog-people”) go gaga for my kitties, and they should! i know i sound like a proud mom, but my cats are awesome. they are actually like little doggies, they are so loving!

yuki, the only male, and the biggest of the bunch is turning 6 years old this june! he’s an absolute lovebug and cuddlemonster, and he is the most vocal of the three. he recognizes the words hungry, come and his name :)

sitting at a window looking magical

sleeping like a baby

cookie is the second of the gang, 5 years old, and the most beautiful cat in the world (proud mom syndrome again). no seriously, she is a gorgeous dark tabby, with huge amber-green eyes, and the cutest heart shaped nose! she is also a cuddlemonster, but a little skittish towards strangers, especially men. i think she was abused by the farmer where she was born at, and carries around a fear of men, but it’s getting better and better, and i hope she can one day be fear-free towards everyone.

cookie being all cute and fluffy

sleeping beauty with the heart-shaped nosy

the third musketeer is loki, a rambunctious half bengal little terror, but oh so cute. loki turns 4 this year, but she is still the baby, even physically she’s the smallest of the three. she is the funniest creature i’ve ever met, and is too spirited for her own good, always causing trouble! but she’s just too damn cute for me to be angry with her, so she just gets away with everything! she is very communicative, especially when she dislikes something- for example if she’s picked up but doesn’t want to be held, she’ll make these adorable complainy sounds, to tell us to let her down… soooooo cute!

loki sitting like a bawssss

dreaming of mischief, surely

my cats are rescues, and i wouldn’t have it any other way! adopting an animal is saving a life- i strongly support adopting instead of buying, because buying pets encourages illicit breeding, also known as puppy and kitten mills, where the animals are kept in horrendous circumstances, whete all are very sickly, inbred and unhappy. i have nothing against buying pedigree puppies or kittens, but it has to be from ethical, registered breeders, that don’t treat animals like birthing machines until they die. i will write a post about this soon, also about spaying and neutering, which is just as important.
getting back to my kitties, i adopted them from the kittenfriends organization, a group of cat-lovers that go around the viennese countryside, catch (spay) and release adult cats, and take the (weaned) kittens into the city, to adopt them out to people. they do a great job, and i can’t thank them enough for giving me my three furbabies :)

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