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ttt- totally tired thursday

15 Mar

i’m so tired! haven’t been sleeping very well the past couple of days, and i’m absolutely dreading waking up at 4 am tomorrow to catch a 6.55 flight… baaaah!

my brother and i are visiting our parents in switzerland over the weekend, and i couldn’t find a cheaper flight :( oh well… at least tomorrow i’ll be so tired i’ll fall asleep fast!

i spent most of the day outside today, and the weather was just divine! it was about 15 degrees (celsius), sunny and just so springy! first time wearing ballerinas this year! yay!
hope the weather in switzerland will be just as nice as in vienna- temps are predicted to reach 20°C!
my brother and i are getting my dad an iPad 2 for father’s day (in switzerland it’s on the 19th of march), so we went to town to check when the new one is coming out. turns out it will be available only end of next week, so we will make him a nice card and bought him a chocolate shaving set- should keep him busy till the iPad’s here :)

don’t have much more to report, so i will leave you with a cool/funny pic i found online



19 Feb

i baked again yesterday! wanted to give those banana muffins a second chance, and you know what, i’m glad i did, because they turned out delicious! moist and banana-y, with the nutella heart. i baked them for less time, and added a fourth banana- that seemed to fix the dryness that bothered me at my first attempt.

yummy banana nutella muffins

here’s the recipe, i got it online, and modified it a little:


-1/2 cup of butter (or margarine)
-2 eggs
-4 medium bananas ( they should be very ripe, almost brown, so that they are sweet and soft)
-1 teaspoon vanilla (liquid)
-1/2 teaspoon vanilla-sugar
-1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda (or baking powder)
-50 ml milk (i used skimmed, you can use whichever you prefer)
-1/2 cup of sugar (white or brown)
-1 1/2 cups of flour
nutella (optional)


– cream butter, sugar,vanilla-sugar and the liquid vanilla (this is best when the butter is already very soft or molten)
– add eggs separately, beating well
– mash the bananas and add them to the mixture. beat well until everything is smooth
– dissolve the bicarbonate of soda in the milk, and add the flour and the milk alternatively
– grease the cupcake mould or insert papers, and fill with the dough. if you want to add the nutella hearts, fill the moulds halfway with batter, then put a dollop of nutella in the center of each. cover with the rest of the batter until the moulds are full (or almost full).
– bake for about 20-25 mins on 180°C (depending on your oven, test with a toothpick)
– let cool for a bit

fill halfways, then put a dollop of nutella in the center

the day after v-day

15 Feb

valentine’s day, the day where love is celebrated, couples are coupling, lovers are loving and singles are singling…
also, it’s society’s way of making single people feel like lepery pariahs, as if this particular day doesn’t concern them. on you go, on your way home. alone. all day alone. forever! dun dun duuuunnn.
thanks for that, society! really, you shouldn’t have. isn’t it enough that every store looks like st. valentine himself (i guess) barfed all over it?
red, pink, hearts and teddy bears dominate the aisles of this (and probably every other) city. and for what? an artificial, forced feeling of “love all around”? why do we need this one day, to make your other, so significant? shouldn’t the feelings and spirit of valentine’s day, be what is the norm? so what, you can treat your partner like crap, or averagely all year round, but on valentine’s day, like royalty? doesnt’t seem fair, or nice to me. not wanting to sound bitter, i’m happily single, and i’m happy for everyone in a relationship, celebrating this day.

thankfully, today is the 15th of february.
roses, stuffed animals, and chocolates in heart shaped boxes- all on sale at the stores, because no one really needs them anymore. i almost feel sorry for them… then again, now is the time to stock up on cheap chocolate! :)

since the only date i had yesterday, came from a tree, and my brother bought me roses (how sweet, right?), i was more than happy spending my day in the company of vampires, werewolves and ghosts. i had me a little being human, supernatural and vampire diaries marathon. honestly, couldn’t have asked for better entertainment. and so the day passed, and so did valentine’s 2012. on to the next, right?


7 Feb

I’m sorry I’m a bit m.i.a. at the moment… My parents are visiting, I’m in a loop of back to back job interviews and assessment centers (which really suck btw, I was there 6 hours, and it so wasn’t worth it), and can’t seem to find time to write.
But I’ll be free enough very soon :)
Here is a picture of my signature cocoa-raspberry-white chocolate chips muffins. I made them on friday, they were delicious!

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