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30 Nov

lovelies, i need to confess that i have a shoe addiction.
the thing that gives me great strength, is knowing that i am not alone with my condition.
but at least i’ve come to admitting it. that’s the first step, isn’t it?

i honestly don’t know how many pairs of shoes i own. but i do know that it’s still in the double digits… i think… no, it is. maybe i should get down to counting them some day. but then again i might really freak out and recoil in horror at the sheer number of shoes that will be laying around the floor.
ah i dream of the day, when i can have a whole room just for my shoes. or a room big enough to fit my shoes and my clothes. just looking at some of the shoe closets of some celebrities makes me want my own even more!
take a look:

rachel zoe’s shoe closet

khloe kardashian’s shoe closet (that’s not even all of it!)

christina aguilera’s closet (home to about 750 pairs!)

just wow, right?
i can fit in my closet just about the shoes needed for spring/summer and fall/winter respectively. it has a couple of top shelves that are really high up, so i stow away the unseasonal ones up there. however, it is still a bit of a pain, because i do have to really wedge every pair in there, and stack them on top of eachother…  here is a picture of my closet during spring/summer. you can actually see my timberlands and winter sneakers in the top part, below and behind them are boots and uggs.

not much space left…

of course it doesn’t help that i wear a size 41- my shoes are by default quite big! that is probably a reason why i do have so many shoes, because my size is a bit harder to find, when i do spot one that fits, i pounce!
i made a bet with myself, that for the whole month of october i wouldn’t shop for anything. ruthlessly nothing. and you know what? i did it! i went an entire month without buying so much as a t-shirt, nothing! i rewarded myself by buying a pair of shoes in the first november week. bam!

so pretty, couldn’t just leave them. no.

now that i’ve shared my main addiction (yes, there’s a couple of minor ones that involve bags and jeans…), i want to hear from you! what can’t you resist buying?


loki and loki

2 Jul

loki the god of mischief would be incredibly proud to know that he shares his name with my cat loki.
we named her loki because she reminds us so much of what he represents… ironically, tom hiddleston is exactly the loki we had in mind- they even have the same eyes:

loki and loki

here are a few more examples of how my kitty looks like tom hiddleston’s loki:

see what i mean?
do your cats and dogs resemble any characters or people?
here are a couple more pictures of my loki- i mentioned in a previous post that she is half bengal half european short hair; notice how her ears, eyes, dots and face look a bit exotic, giving her the appearance of a little wildcat :)

*very inspiring blogger award*

27 Jun

hemingway and shakespeare, the two very entertaining kitties who author the blog twocatsviews, nominated me and my little blog for the very inspiring blogger award!
you can just about imagine how flattered, honored and happy i am about this award. that’s right, very!
the rules for this award are:

1.Display the award logo somewhere on the blog:

2. Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you:

thankyouthankyouthankyou hemingway and shakespeare, you awesome (fur)people! keep telling your tales on twocatsviews, i love to read what you get up to!

3. State seven random things about yourself:

– i started blogging as an anti- new year’s resolution. i challenged myself to pick up writing again- instead of attempting something new.

– apart from fashion, i love interior decorating.

– some day, i will have a horse, two dogs and three cats.

– i speak 5 1/2  languages.

– i could never date someone who doesn’t love animals.

– if i could choose a super power, it would be flying (without wings though, think along the lines of superman).

– i only started cooking and baking 2 years ago (real cooking, as in without using the microwave, and real baking, as in no ready- mixes).

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs (i did 16, was inspired):

the lonely dogs, a beautiful photoblog about 23 rescued dogs living with the author in mexico.

the cats i meet, by beth. a cat- crazy girl (after my own heart!) that documents the cats she meets day to day.

i broke my glasses again, by erica. a ms-paint obsessed college student with a great sense of humor.

the good greatsby, by paul. very funny anecdotes of his daily life that include family and friends.

mommy man, by jerry. the adventures of a gay superdad- hilariously and wonderfully written.

jenne chrisville, by gervin. a fashion blog as fabulous as they come.

catpurrology, by sally. beautiful pictures of her cat slash, and the quest of what causes a cat to purr with happiness.

the fancy pants report, by kate. very cute and stylish fashion blog- totally inspiring!

sarah smiles awhile, by sarah. wonderfully witty blog about life, and general wonderings.

a purrfect cat, great blog for new cat owners. tips and tricks on healthy nutrition and care paired with beautiful photos of a beautiful cat.

dysfunctionalbachelor, by tanc. hilarious tales out of the mouth of an australian living in l.a.

i like to l.a., supercool and funny blog about living in the city of angels.

vivaciously fabulous, by dana. fashion, travel photographs and daily inspirations- a very interesting and inspiring read.

the desert bride, by christina. wonderfully informative blog with beautiful pictures, all about the big day- lovely!

jetsetbarbie, by christina. i might be a bit biased, because irl we’re friends, but her blog rocks… baking, travel and weddings- what isn’t there to love?

meeah, by mia. cute and inspiring travel blog by my bestie <3

5. Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements.

in love with my alexander wang diego bag

25 Jun

i’m in love with this bag. no, for real, i am!
i’ve seen it in magazines, being paraded around by celebrities and starlets, and i remember thinking to myself: “that bag is beyond cool!”

miranda kerr loves her diego bag

so does vanessa hudgens

so i started looking for it. there are so. many. colors. how am i supposed to choose? then i spotted the rose gold studs. oh! i am obsessed with anything rose gold colored at the moment, so finding rose studs was awesome! now, this is a bag that i want to be wearing for a while, so my train of thought went towards black. and when i saw it, it was love at first sight.
click click click tappity tappity click– ooooohhh lookit! confirmation of purchase email! ha.

8 days later, my darling diego bag was in my possession! here are a few shots of the unwrapping and general fawning process:


ta daaaaa

oooooohhh the stuuuuds!


now that you got a first impression of the wonderfulness that is this item of material happiness, here come a few detail shots. please, look at the beautiful supple pebbled leather, all the details, the studs around the top of the bag- you can tell i’m smitten, right? :)

what is your favorite bag? which style do you prefer? material? color?
let me know, i’m curious to know if other people obsess about their stuff aswell :)

tattoo brainstorm

2 Feb

i’ve wanted to get another tattoo for a while now, and i think i even finally settled for one… see, i love animals, i used to have a horse a few years ago (i had to sell him when i moved to vienna), and i have the 3 sweetest, cutest and funniest cats in the world! so what better suited design is there, than to ink a cat? i searched the internet extensively, and my favorite cat- design is this one:

it’s elegant, sleek, feminine, pretty- and i think it would fit perfectly on my ribcage :)

i was also thinking of maybe getting a cute, funky tattoo, like these cupcake or chubby unicorn ones: but then again, do i really want an obese pony with a horn, or a multicolored novelty cake somewhere on my body? no, i do not. if i’m already going to permanently draw on my skin, i’d better make sure it’s something that i can live with for the rest of my life.

it’s funny how some people don’t seem to realise the importance a well chosen design has! there are several websites that ridicule the poor decisions people make about tattoos; my favorite is the one of the cheezburger network, under the FAIL category, Ugliest Tattoos. it’s hilarious, and the moderator comments every single entry, and it has me laughing out loud every time!
what surprises me though, is that even celebrities make crucial mistakes like spelling when they get writing tattooed. a good example is Hayden Panettiere:
her tat says: vivere senza rimipianti, which is italian, and means to live without regrets. that’s awesome and all, but it should actually read: vivere senza rimpianti. no extra “i“! such a shame, because not only is her back now ruined with a botched tattoo, no, it also makes her look silly and uncultured. i shouldn’t rant about it, it might not even be her fault, maybe the tattoo artist messed up, but usually before you get inked, they stencil you first, to check that everything is like you wanted… i guess we’ll never know :)

i don’t know yet when i’ll be getting my cat tattooed, but i hope it will be before summertime, so i can show it off :P

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