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brushed gold and pastel pink nails

29 Aug

hello lovelies!
so sorry for not being very active at the moment, i have lots to do at work, and as summer goes, it’s quite the busy social period…
but i wanted to show you two colors i’m sporting (well, one was last week):

1. brushed matte gold!
how cool does it look!?

this look is super easy to do: grab your favorite gold (or any metallic color for that matter), and paint two- three coats. it has to be opaque and well covering. then, you just apply a coat of matte top coat (i used essence matte coat, but i’m sure any one will do). i was really surprised how well it turned out, as the gold i used (catrice goldfinger) was very shiny and had lots of pigment. the result was very cool, a brushed matte gold effect- love it! (a bonus: the matte coat dries the nailpolish very quickly!)

2.  (i’m wearing it right now!) is pastel pink from my model’s own pastel collection. i had tried it before, and i really liked it because it achieved a very covering pastel shade- like candy! but this time, i enhanced the color by using a very simple trick… i remember reading somewhere, that if you apply a coat of white nail polish under pastels (or i guess any lighter) colors, it will make the color pop! well it makes sense, really… a white canvas gives a true color, while usually nails are not white… i was so pleased with the result, i’m really glad i tried it!

pre- cleanup… sorry!

the white coat was essie blanc, and as a top coat i used my trusty sèche vite. i don’t know how i used to do it without that stuff, it works like magic! as a base coat i use any clear nailpolish, at the moment my favorite is clear by rimmel- they have a very easy-to-use brush.


copenhagen distortion and circus confetti

30 May

i hate that work takes all my blogging energy away. i’m left in the evening with no strength to do anything anymore. i literally hurl myself onto the couch and don’t move except for getting food. the last tidbits are spared for transferring my exhausted body to the bathroom for the evening routine, and finally- propel myself into my bed.
so so sad.

not today! today, my dearest readers, i will stay up late! for what? packing!
i’ve taken thursday and friday off work, to attend the wonderful copenhagen distortion – a block party so awesome, it lasts four days. set smack- right in the city center of wonderful copenhagen, this party is epic. my best friend and i went already last year, and promised eachother we’d do it again. and again.

last year we were blessed with fantastic weather- sadly, the forecast for the following days doesn’t look so nice, but whatever! fuck you weather, we don’t need your cooperation to party!
that’s right.

my biggest dilemma right now is the ever-recurring, perpetual question of: “what will i wear?”  
ok… so there is a 30-50% chance of rain for pretty much all four days, and the temperatures will be in the mid-high-teens (celsius) during the day, and around 8°c at night. not toasty, but not fuck-i’m-freezing either.
the plan is to take one pair of jeans (ripped), and one other pair of pants. i think it’ll be my gray jeans. a pair of tights, jeans-shorts or skirt, and a bunch of t-shirts and sweaters/hoodies. footwear has to be practical: black wellies and my black-and-gold reebok high tops. i don’t know yet which jacket or coat i will end up taking… it has to be something that won’t get me wet… maybe i’ll stop by h&m in the morning and scout for wind/rainbreakers.
what are your suggestions for bad-weather festival/party/concert attire? what are your favorite clothing items you always take with you to an event?

i have a special plan for my nails. while in bratislava i bought a very cool nailpolish from essence, 02 circus confetti – a multicolored and multi-shaped glitter top coat:

circus confetti!

 as a base coat i used the clear polish (colour&go, dries super fast) and the gel-look polish as a top. it looked really cool, even on natural nails. the vision for my distortion nails is circus confetti over either a white base, or the light bluey-minty catrice sold out forever. which do you think would look better? white or blue-mint?


color extravaganza

4 Apr

i finally had time to paint my nails- i apologize for the smudges and the less-than-perfect cuticles, but it was a spur of the moment decision :)

after reading kelly’s blog entry about catrice sold out forever– a stunning mint shade with microglitter particles i had to go get this beautiful color! and of course i picked up two more, for good measure: hip queens wear blue jeans and meet me at coral island. blue jeans is a beautiful denim blue with microparticles of blue and silver glitter- very special! and coral island is (as you guessed) a fresh pinky-orangy coral shade that is perfect for spring!

i didn’t have any time to dedicate to my nails these past two weeks, so i was craving color, and lots of it! so i just picked out 10 bottles and went for it!

left hand: the colors i used are: essence viva la green, catrice sold out forevercatrice pimp my shrimp, catrice meet me at coral island and catrice hip queens wear blue jeans.

sold out forever and viva la green

meet me at coral island and pimp my shrimp

the right hand:

colors used: look comet, look grass, rimmel hot shot, catrice birdy reloaded and mwah australia aqua. i was positively surprised by birdy reloaded- it also contained microglitter! it’s such a fun shade!

aqua, birdy reloaded, hot shot, grass and comet

these colorful nails put me in such a good mood! i’m off to make lunch, and then i’ll pack!

i <3 catrice

11 Mar

i first stumbled upon catrice cosmetics when i was in switzerland. i was looking for cool new nailpolish shades, and was immediately attracted to the catrice stand. brilliant shades, dreamy pastels, elegant nudes- their range is huge, and the prices are amazing! that day i bought a pretty, fresh canary yellow shade, and a basic nude shade.
fast forward a few weeks- it’s three days ago, i was getting a manicure at a salon in vienna, and spotted a catrice nailpolish pot! i excitedly asked the nailgirl where she got it from, and when she told me she got it in hungary, i was really disappointed. i wrote down the name of the polish she used, and was determined to find it the next time i went to switzerland: bloody mary to go, a fresh coral red shade, perfect for the summer months, as most of the reds i have are a bit darker.
when i went home, i googled catrice – just for fun, and entered vienna in the store finder… holy shit, 5 locations found! needless to say i got out of the house right away, in direction dm rotenturmstrasse. oh the joy of finding a fully stocked stand (including the limited edition nymphelia)!!!
i only got nailpolishes this time, because i don’t need any new makeup at the moment, but it’s very reassuring knowing i can stock up on catrice products! they are awesome!
here’s what i got:

my pretty nailpolishes! the yellow and the nude are the ones i got in ch

bloody mary to go is the one i’m wearing right now, its gorgeous! im curious to see how goldfinger will look like, i got it to wear at a friend’s wedding in april, and cannot wait to try it!

bloody mary to go and goldfinger

these two colors, i mean they symbolize spring! i’m sure the shrimpy color will look fab with a bit of a tan! what i liked most about birdy is that it’s not this deep eggy color that many yellow nailpolishes are, but it’s more canary-fresh, which i think will be a cool eye-catcher!

pimp my shrimp and birdy reloaded

the rosy bunch :) the nude café au lait reminded me of OPI’s barefoot in barcelona, which i’m waiting to get when i go to the states in april… i love the antique rose shade of roosywood, and the romantic non-barbie très chic- will make a good change to the shocking pinks that are to come in spring and summer!

my café au lait at notre dame, welcome to roosywood and karl says très chic

last but not least, a picture of bloody mary to go:

turns out catrice belongs to the same german company as essence, cosnova. essence is also a good brand, but i do prefer catrice, because its products are qualitatively higher. added bonus, they don’t test on animals.



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