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copenhagen distortion and circus confetti

30 May

i hate that work takes all my blogging energy away. i’m left in the evening with no strength to do anything anymore. i literally hurl myself onto the couch and don’t move except for getting food. the last tidbits are spared for transferring my exhausted body to the bathroom for the evening routine, and finally- propel myself into my bed.
so so sad.

not today! today, my dearest readers, i will stay up late! for what? packing!
i’ve taken thursday and friday off work, to attend the wonderful copenhagen distortion – a block party so awesome, it lasts four days. set smack- right in the city center of wonderful copenhagen, this party is epic. my best friend and i went already last year, and promised eachother we’d do it again. and again.

last year we were blessed with fantastic weather- sadly, the forecast for the following days doesn’t look so nice, but whatever! fuck you weather, we don’t need your cooperation to party!
that’s right.

my biggest dilemma right now is the ever-recurring, perpetual question of: “what will i wear?”  
ok… so there is a 30-50% chance of rain for pretty much all four days, and the temperatures will be in the mid-high-teens (celsius) during the day, and around 8°c at night. not toasty, but not fuck-i’m-freezing either.
the plan is to take one pair of jeans (ripped), and one other pair of pants. i think it’ll be my gray jeans. a pair of tights, jeans-shorts or skirt, and a bunch of t-shirts and sweaters/hoodies. footwear has to be practical: black wellies and my black-and-gold reebok high tops. i don’t know yet which jacket or coat i will end up taking… it has to be something that won’t get me wet… maybe i’ll stop by h&m in the morning and scout for wind/rainbreakers.
what are your suggestions for bad-weather festival/party/concert attire? what are your favorite clothing items you always take with you to an event?

i have a special plan for my nails. while in bratislava i bought a very cool nailpolish from essence, 02 circus confetti – a multicolored and multi-shaped glitter top coat:

circus confetti!

 as a base coat i used the clear polish (colour&go, dries super fast) and the gel-look polish as a top. it looked really cool, even on natural nails. the vision for my distortion nails is circus confetti over either a white base, or the light bluey-minty catrice sold out forever. which do you think would look better? white or blue-mint?



having a “meh” day

22 May

today is one of those days where i wish i didn’t have to leave the comfort of my bed. the weather sucks, it’s early, my mood is not awesome, and my cats were being just too snuggly for me to tear away easily.

i can think of at least 10 things off the top of my head that I would rather be doing right at this moment, instead of sitting at my desk having to listen to an annoying colleague blabber on the phone:

  1. sleep.
  2. catch up on the big bang theory.
  3. have an awesome breakfast (I’m thinking of the bird) in bed. While watching the big bang theory.
  4. cuddle with my cats. The whole day. I know they’re up for it.
  5. online shopping (everything is blocked here… thank god wordpress isn’t!).
  6. go for brunch with friends.
  7. go to the movies and watch the avengers, bel ami, the dictator, and a few others that I’ve been meaning to see.
  8. get a massage- one of those two-hour long full body heaven-sent relaxing shiatsu ones.
  9. spring clean my closet, bathroom and makeup.
  10. watch other shows I’ve been neglecting because of work.
  11. blog about my wonderful new, freshly arrived alexander wang bag.
  12. finally get to post another round of outfits of the days.
  13. sleep.

see? 13 things I came up with on the spot, that I would much rather enjoy than boring spreadsheets and the like.

what would you rather be doing than sitting at work?

what i would look like today if i were a raccoon

my white noise

20 Apr

i sleep better when there’s a cat presence in my bed. there’s something about slowly drifting into unconsciousness, gently lulled into letting go of everything  by the wonderful white noise that is purring. 

usually, there are two purr frequencies around me: yuki’s soft, vibrating, low purr, and loki’s loud, intense and comforting purr. cookie rarely sleeps on the bed, she prefers the nearby couch, shearling rug by the bed, or the scratching post pad across the room, but i can still hear her melodious, low, dove-like sounding purr.


people who let their pets sleep in their bed will agree with me on this one: it’s awesome. the feeling of comfort and soothing that an animal presence brings, enables an extremely relaxed and carefree sleeping experience.

a friend once asked me if i ever thought about the possibility of squishing a cat while rolling over in my sleep… i just smiled and answered no. as anyone who has cats knows, a sleeping cat in your bed is like a little boulder. if you roll against it, you will wake up, but the cat probably won’t! it’s fascinating how that little (or sometimes big) body can be such an imposing presence in density!

i highly recommend anyone to give it a try- trust me, fur on your bed is a very small price to pay for a good night’s sleep :)

home sweet home

15 Apr

i’m finally back home, and cannot wait to get into my wonderful bed. my bed and i share a deep connection- no one can comfort me like my beloved bed.

a little bit of news that i didn’t share yet: tomorrow is my first day at a new job! i’ll be working in the communications department of one of the biggest banks here in austria. muy exciting! in honor of that, i think i’ll add another outfit category: work outfit of the day(s).
right now i still don’t know what i’m wearing tomorrow, but i think i will go with a blue jeans-blouse-blazer combo. there is no dresscode there, so i think going with something casual but semi-formal is appropriate for a first day… what do you think? what did you wear on your first day at work?

on friday, my best friend and i got our nails done while we were still in huntington beach, and i made it a point to choose the perfect shade for “newbie at work” mode. something cute, simple but not boring. i chose opi’s sparrow me the drama, from the pirates of the caribbean collection – a pretty, opaque antique rose shade- but fresh, not like the color you see on old houses.

opi sparrow me the drama

this picture is not my hand, it’s from google- i don’t have time right now to move the pics from the camera to the pc, but i’ll do it tomorrow, promise :)

i will also show you my finds from a thrift store, and the cool things i bought on this trip!

toodles for now!

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