in love with my alexander wang diego bag

25 Jun

i’m in love with this bag. no, for real, i am!
i’ve seen it in magazines, being paraded around by celebrities and starlets, and i remember thinking to myself: “that bag is beyond cool!”

miranda kerr loves her diego bag

so does vanessa hudgens

so i started looking for it. there are so. many. colors. how am i supposed to choose? then i spotted the rose gold studs. oh! i am obsessed with anything rose gold colored at the moment, so finding rose studs was awesome! now, this is a bag that i want to be wearing for a while, so my train of thought went towards black. and when i saw it, it was love at first sight.
click click click tappity tappity click– ooooohhh lookit! confirmation of purchase email! ha.

8 days later, my darling diego bag was in my possession! here are a few shots of the unwrapping and general fawning process:


ta daaaaa

oooooohhh the stuuuuds!


now that you got a first impression of the wonderfulness that is this item of material happiness, here come a few detail shots. please, look at the beautiful supple pebbled leather, all the details, the studs around the top of the bag- you can tell i’m smitten, right? :)

what is your favorite bag? which style do you prefer? material? color?
let me know, i’m curious to know if other people obsess about their stuff aswell :)


9 Responses to “in love with my alexander wang diego bag”

  1. Geek in Pink (@keikeilamb) 25/07/2012 at 16:53 #

    Love the bag too!! I have been thinking about getting it but have read that it is very heavy…do you have any problems with the weight? Thx!

    • brownponytail 26/07/2012 at 10:04 #

      Hi! you know, the weight isn’t actually that bad! i have a Chloé Paddington, and to me, that one is much heavier! It definitely isn’t a lightweight like the LV Speedy for example, but it’s very very bearable and ok :) i hope i helped you with this, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. littlefashionistaontheprairie 14/08/2012 at 17:43 #

    So beautiful! Rose Gold is amazing, especially on anything Wang! Congrats on your new bag :)

    • brownponytail 14/08/2012 at 19:24 #

      aww thank youuuu! i already ordered another one, i’m so addicted :D

  3. mythreemoggies 23/08/2012 at 09:27 #

    Wow mum loves the bag. she is handbag mad also LOL xxx

  4. Vivaciously Fabulous 27/08/2012 at 19:07 #

    I adore rose gold too, I have been lusting over this bag for years, but never knew they had a rose gold option! LOVE!

  5. lovewins 03/07/2015 at 02:33 #

    The bag is stunning, but was wondering are you able to fit a Macbook air 13″ inside?

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