vampirized and zombiefied

4 May

everything at the moment is vampires and zombies, with zombies slightly gaining the upper hand (just wait for breaking dawn II). and that’s just fine, since i enjoy both creatures very much! my brother recently converted me to a the walking dead fan, so yeah, i’m infected. i’m even awaiting the movie warm bodies (to be released in 2013), about a zombie falling in love with a human girl- hey, if edward can, why can’t this guy?

while i was going through 9gag (a memes site, kind of like the cheezburger network), i encountered this:

i’ll admit it’s funny and very well done, yes!
that’s because i’ve found something even creepier!

you don’t mess with bambi! especially not with bambi’s mom!! i find this little cartoon (these are screenshots, that have been aired on cartoon network! srsly? wtf?) a bit tasteless, and not at all funny. bambi is one of the classic and best disney cartoons ever made- i think poor ol’ walt must be turning in his grave right now! (pun intended)

in any case, i can’t wait for the weekend, where i can catch up with my beautiful damon and klaus (the vampire diaries), watch the walking dead, and probably rewatch breaking dawn I for good measure (emmett, jasper and carlisle- yum!).
oh since i’m on a vampire note, i was a vampire last halloween:

i was of the true blood kind, with the fangs on the incisors not the canines. it was easier to talk :)

what were you on halloween? what do you think of the vampire and zombie craze? dislike, like or love it?

4 Responses to “vampirized and zombiefied”

  1. Cirias 04/05/2012 at 12:27 #

    These are fantastic, really well done.

  2. Widi 04/05/2012 at 15:58 #

    the pics looks so scary-__-

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