my white noise

20 Apr

i sleep better when there’s a cat presence in my bed. there’s something about slowly drifting into unconsciousness, gently lulled into letting go of everything  by the wonderful white noise that is purring. 

usually, there are two purr frequencies around me: yuki’s soft, vibrating, low purr, and loki’s loud, intense and comforting purr. cookie rarely sleeps on the bed, she prefers the nearby couch, shearling rug by the bed, or the scratching post pad across the room, but i can still hear her melodious, low, dove-like sounding purr.


people who let their pets sleep in their bed will agree with me on this one: it’s awesome. the feeling of comfort and soothing that an animal presence brings, enables an extremely relaxed and carefree sleeping experience.

a friend once asked me if i ever thought about the possibility of squishing a cat while rolling over in my sleep… i just smiled and answered no. as anyone who has cats knows, a sleeping cat in your bed is like a little boulder. if you roll against it, you will wake up, but the cat probably won’t! it’s fascinating how that little (or sometimes big) body can be such an imposing presence in density!

i highly recommend anyone to give it a try- trust me, fur on your bed is a very small price to pay for a good night’s sleep :)


One Response to “my white noise”

  1. caro is spicy 27/09/2012 at 16:45 #

    Ohh, I totally agree with your post! Our two guys sleep on the bed and it’s so sweet how they curl up and purr. I wouldn’t want to be without it and I miss it when away on holiday!

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