fancy eyelashes

28 Mar

i went to get my eyelashes curled yesterday!

it’s the second time i did it, and i love the results! the method is a little tedious, it involves alot of waiting around, but it’s totally worth it.
i got them done at makeupbine. Sabine, the owner and beautician is a really sweet girl, and she has an adorable french bulldog that roams the salon :)
the first time i permed my eyelashes was in october, i gave it a try because dailydeal had an offer, and i was like- why not? i bought 2 coupons right away, and as said, yesterday i used the second one.
i’m equipped with relatively long lashes, but sadly they aren’t very shapely… just straight, that’s why i use curler tongs- so this perm (lasts about 6 weeks) is a great way to enhance what nature gave me! below are pictures without and with mascara. sadly i forgot to take a “before” pic, but i’ll do it next time :)

lashes without mascara

lashes with mascara

sorry for the creepy eye pictures, but no other way to show it!

the difference isn’t very visible, but that’s also because i didn’t put alot of mascara on- i was in a hurry to leave, and was like “well, they’re curled anyhow” :)


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