outfits of the days 2

25 Mar

it’s official- spring is finally here, metereologically and equinox-ically!

i put away all my winter coats, winter shoes are next to be stowed away- it makes me unbelievably happy!!!
being a spring child, i thrive on the delicate yet every fortifying rays of sunshine, the blossoms on the trees, and the chirping of the birds! it’s time to start wearing all my pretty colorful dresses and shoes!

below are three outfits i wore last week (i apologize for the quality of the first pic, don’t know what happened there):

jacket: zara
tshirt: splendid
pants: h&m
shoes: asos

jacket: ashy london
scarf: mango
poncho: h&m
pants: sportsgirl australia
shoes: chloé

sweater: sans souci
pants: zara
shoes: steve madden
bag: baldinini


2 Responses to “outfits of the days 2”

  1. gracefully50 25/03/2012 at 16:06 #

    Great skinnies! Love Steve Madden shoes!!!

  2. keepingupwiththekelly 27/03/2012 at 07:54 #

    I love those blue skinny trousers, they look perfect for spring!

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