models own nailpolish

22 Mar

finally my nailpolish box from models own arrived!!

it only took about 10 days, i was expecting it to be way more!

i was always curious to buy nailpolish from this brand, but since it isn’t available in austria (to my knowledge), i never really followed up on it. well, i was checking out their homepage and fell in love with the pastel color palette set! of course i had to get it, and added an eyelash curler to the bag aswell. i haven’t had a good one in a while, and didn’t want to spend a little fortune at MAC, so i went with the pretty pink one from models own (6 pounds) :)

pretty pretty pink eyelash curler

the pastel palette box set has the following colors: feeling blue, lemon meringue (another pretty non-eggy yellow!), pastel pink, lilac dream, top turquoise and fuzzy peach

pastel palette

the other box sets are (l to r) : beetlejuice (changing colors), kaleidoscope, smash up (cracking polish), neon brights, metallic, autumn/winter collection, champagne collection and glitter collection.

swatches of the other box sets

all box sets contain six bottles of 14 ml, and cost 20 (gb)pounds instead of 30 pounds! i cannot wait to try the pastel palette, the colors are just so beautiful! kinda wanna eat them…
i’ll post pictures as soon as i do :)


3 Responses to “models own nailpolish”

  1. keepingupwiththekelly 23/03/2012 at 14:00 #

    Great set of colours, looks perfect for spring!


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