on being phoneless

20 Mar

since i got back from switzerland on sunday night, my phone hasn’t been working… something is wrong with the puk code or something silly like that, and it tells me i have to contact my provider. yesterday, i forgot to go. i forgot to get my phone fixed.
you must know that my phone and i have a very codependent relationship- i do everything with it, it’s always with me. even when i’m in the shower, my phone is always in reach- just in case. i might be a little nuts.
so these past two days, i’ve been slumming it caveman style! ok ok to be fair, i have my computer, so i’m communicating over facebook and twitter- it’s not like i’m totally severed from the world, but i must say, it has been… how should i say, oddly relaxing being without my phone! you hear about people doing “detoxes” from their phone every once in a while, and how they describe the feeling of freedom from the technological chains. i always thought that was bullshit, honestly. how much of an impact can your cell phone actually have on your life- get a grip!
well, now that it’s happened to me (albeit unwillingly) it really hit me how dependent i am of my beloved blackberry! and not just the dependence on the phone itself (calendar, contacts, etc.) no, the constant ring ring that i am compelled to answer, makes me a slave to my little cell. i’m not saying that from now on, i will turn my cellphone off during the night, or that i won’t take it with me to the bathroom- no, i just think that i probably will have a more nonchalant attitude towards the whole concept… i’ve been two days without my cellphone. nothing happened. life goes on. people reached me just fine.
it reminds me a bit of the 90s… i was in my very early teens, and cellphones were only being used by very important businessmen. sometimes i wonder, how we managed to go years- no decades!- without cellphones… something that seems so essential now, and yet is so new! i remember people being more punctual… without a means to let the other party know you are running late, you either had to be on time, or you had to profusely apologize for being late. i think this is the main difference i remember- people being more self centered when playing with their phones when in public or in a group seems less evident- i recall people dedicating this much attention to books, magazines, game boys and tamagotchis- no real difference there.
now, i’m off to get my blackberry fixed- two days is enough detox for me :)

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