i <3 catrice

11 Mar

i first stumbled upon catrice cosmetics when i was in switzerland. i was looking for cool new nailpolish shades, and was immediately attracted to the catrice stand. brilliant shades, dreamy pastels, elegant nudes- their range is huge, and the prices are amazing! that day i bought a pretty, fresh canary yellow shade, and a basic nude shade.
fast forward a few weeks- it’s three days ago, i was getting a manicure at a salon in vienna, and spotted a catrice nailpolish pot! i excitedly asked the nailgirl where she got it from, and when she told me she got it in hungary, i was really disappointed. i wrote down the name of the polish she used, and was determined to find it the next time i went to switzerland: bloody mary to go, a fresh coral red shade, perfect for the summer months, as most of the reds i have are a bit darker.
when i went home, i googled catrice – just for fun, and entered vienna in the store finder… holy shit, 5 locations found! needless to say i got out of the house right away, in direction dm rotenturmstrasse. oh the joy of finding a fully stocked stand (including the limited edition nymphelia)!!!
i only got nailpolishes this time, because i don’t need any new makeup at the moment, but it’s very reassuring knowing i can stock up on catrice products! they are awesome!
here’s what i got:

my pretty nailpolishes! the yellow and the nude are the ones i got in ch

bloody mary to go is the one i’m wearing right now, its gorgeous! im curious to see how goldfinger will look like, i got it to wear at a friend’s wedding in april, and cannot wait to try it!

bloody mary to go and goldfinger

these two colors, i mean they symbolize spring! i’m sure the shrimpy color will look fab with a bit of a tan! what i liked most about birdy is that it’s not this deep eggy color that many yellow nailpolishes are, but it’s more canary-fresh, which i think will be a cool eye-catcher!

pimp my shrimp and birdy reloaded

the rosy bunch :) the nude café au lait reminded me of OPI’s barefoot in barcelona, which i’m waiting to get when i go to the states in april… i love the antique rose shade of roosywood, and the romantic non-barbie très chic- will make a good change to the shocking pinks that are to come in spring and summer!

my café au lait at notre dame, welcome to roosywood and karl says très chic

last but not least, a picture of bloody mary to go:

turns out catrice belongs to the same german company as essence, cosnova. essence is also a good brand, but i do prefer catrice, because its products are qualitatively higher. added bonus, they don’t test on animals.




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