vintage croc and doc

10 Mar

*i don’t support the fur trade, nor the production of exotic leather products.*
as a question of principle, i don’t agree with killing animals to “only” use their hides, fur or skin. a big part of my aversity towards these “luxury items” is the way they are being harvested, the inhumane treatment and killing methods the creatures have to endure for our vanity.

in my opinion it’s a different story with livestock (cattle, etc.)  because most, if not all of the animal is used for (human) consumption, leather goods, pet-food, soap, cosmetics and other. i wish that there would be more humane treatment in this category aswell, definitely, but i believe it to be less gruesome than the one reserved for the poor animals destined for the fur trade.

getting back to my topic, my parents found themselves at an antique flea-market on one of their vienna-trips. it’s every second sunday (2nd and 4th sunday of the month) at the Ringstrassengalerien, and you can find just about anything there! from vintage crockery to jewellery, to handbags and home-decor items… many of the items on display at the flea-market are junk, but there are also alot of great bargains and finds! the only thing they don’t sell there is clothing.
i found a beautiful vintage black patent crocodile leather handbag, with brass finishings, and a vintage doctor type handbag in a very soft cognac colored leather. cannot wait to start wearing them, unfortunately i haven’t had a chance yet… soon :)

patent crocodile leather bag

beautiful brass clasp and details

cognac doctor bag

brass details and clasp


to finish the thought i started above, i feel it’s a different story when it comes to second hand, or vintage fur and accessories.
i inherited a mink coat from my grandma, and i thought long and hard whether to keep it or not, as i would never buy a fur coat. i asked some friends for advice, because i needed help to clear my head about it… what really bothered me was that if i would keep the fur, i would feel like a total hypocrite!
what a few of them said, (and it actually made sense to me) is that my buying (or inheriting) an old fur, is not killing new animals! and if it were to be destroyed, the animals killed to produce the item would have died invain!
i know many would not agree with this reasoning, but it did soothe my conscience… i thought about the fact that if more people would buy vintage coats, the demand for new coats would decline, and so maybe, it would help get rid of the trade in the long run!
i would love to have some input from you, my readers, about this issue… please let me know what you feel about this!

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