hair day

6 Mar

today is hair day :)
i have an appointment for laser hair removal (armpits, and i’m going to be late if i dont get a move on soon actually), it’s my 3rd one and i’m so happy with the results! even if it hurts like a bitch, it’s all worth it! already after my first session, i could go 10 days without having to shave, and by the second one, it was 2 weeks in a row… the sessions are about 5-6 weeks apart, and towards the end of that time span the hair growth rate does increase a bit, but it’s still awesome :)

then i have an appointment at a hair salon, i’m getting my ends trimmed, and i’m probably going to make the hairperson cut my bangs in a way that when i grow them out, i can have a side parting, or a middle parting… that will be interesting! i’m very protective about my hair, it’s long and (usually) quite healthy, so it’s always a bit weird for me to change it, just because i’m afraid i will regret it, or the person would fuck it up… taking the leap today, at a new salon, nude, it got very good reviews, so i’m trying my luck there, and giving toni&guy a miss this time.

i’ll update this post tonight when i’m back from (sushi)dinner, and let you know how my experience at nude was!





(i know i said i’ll update tonight, but i had time now) – i came back from the hairdresser’s about an hour ago, and i must say, it was awesome! the girl that cut my hair, lisa, really knew her stuff, and was really nice, keeping the conversation level to a good middle- not too chatterboxy, but also not rudely silent. when i first got there, she asked me what it was that i wanted to do, and then when i was done, she summed it up for me, to check she got everything, and then i was off to the sink! the scalp massage was quite good (if i were able to, i would have purred :) ) and the products used where shu uemura if i’m not mistaken… they also have a garnier naturals line, and several other cool products.
when she was done combing my hair, she spent a good 15-20 minutes minutely trimming my ends, fixing my bangs and fixing my layers, then she blow dryed my hair with a diffusor (she wanted to see how wavy my hair was). the whole visit took about an hour, and it was really really nice, i’ll definitely go there again.


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  1. Jaqs Makeup Loft 22/03/2012 at 20:10 #

    You are pretty to bold to wax your armpits, amazing. I liked your FB page please LIKE mine.

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