pastel spring ’12

29 Feb

whenever i go downtown, i have to pass by zara. i often don’t even buy anything, but i love just wandering through the aisles making mental wishlists.
yesterday i went for a stroll even though the weather sucked, and i forgot to take an umbrella, so by the time i came home again i was soaked through and through, but whatever- i’m not made of sugar :)

when i entered zara i felt so happy- my eyes combed through racks and racks of clothes in all pastel colors- my heart rejoiced!
i’m a sucker for pastels. those beautiful, romantic, feminine, lithe colors always put me in a great mood, and make everything seem… prettier!
i took some pictures with my phone- sorry for the quality :)

pretty mints, sky blues and floral patterns

of course, a spring collection wouldn’t be a spring collection without floral patterns, and it was cool to see that they didn’t have just “regular” flowers, but also more abstract patterns.
a flood of beiges, whites, mints, lemon yellows, turquoises, baby pinks and sky blues made a nice contrast to the rainy day, and the colors were enhanced by the diversity of textures and patterns. lace still reigned supreme in most design, but also fabric combinations were widespread.

lemon yellows, florals and sky blues

what i particularly liked was that strong colors were still very much part of the collection! there was alot of red, black, navy, and gray shades, to complement the finer lighter colors. don’t wanna go around looking like a lollipop, so it’s important not to overdo the pastel trend in an all-over look (except for a combination with white and beige, i guess).

mints, florals, reds and dark jeans

shades of navy


the pastel trend is not limited to the girls- oh no, boys are encouraged to wear the pretty colors aswell, but maybe in a more understated look. i love the combination of colored pants, and a simple white, beige or gray shirt or t-shirt, or vice versa, a pretty pastel (or bold colored) top half combined with dark jeans or pants.

men's section- so colorful!

literally cannot wait for spring to finally come- adieu coats and heavy boots, hello pretty dresses, sandals and ballerinas!

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