candy on your body

26 Feb

today we swapped our fortnightly brunch session with lunch at ramien, this awesome asian noodle restaurant in the 6th district. after that, we went for dessert at café pierre, a cute french bistro, where we had lemon tarts, crèpes and coffee- trés jolie! even though we were full, we were still craving bubble tea, so we strolled towards the first district enjoying the sunshine. we went to baburu at schottentor, where they serve the deliciously addictive concoction. the first thing i noticed when we got in was that the girl at the cash register was wearing awesome play station controller earrings!

ps controllers, lollipops, cupcakes

i was blown away, they are so cool! what amazed me even more is that she did them herself, and she did all the ones that were on exhibit at the store! such cute and detailed earrings, rings and necklace charms! lollipops, donuts, cupcakes, gingerbread hearts, sushi, onigiri, stuffed biscuit hearts- i don’t think she missed anything, there was even a pizza slice necklace charm! crazy!

oreo necklace charm, biscuit hearts, cupcakes, donuts

stuffed biscuit rings, waffle heart earrings, onigiri earrings

unfortunately i didn’t take pictures of the magnets, key/phone chains and other figurines (of which the cute pizza charm) that weren’t on the main display- the place was crowded, but i’ll take some more when i go again :)


One Response to “candy on your body”

  1. Jaqs Makeup Loft 22/03/2012 at 20:12 #

    So cute, so creative adorable.

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