future stylists increase my blogroll

25 Feb

you may have noticed the blogroll section on this blog- well, it’s about to get longer!

while surfing facebook today, i was reminded of the asos future stylist competition that was in its second round at the moment. the first time around i was actively following it and voting, but somehow it keeps slipping my mind these days! there are sill 12 future stylists in the running, and the theme of the second round was clash of the prints. i had a really hard time picking my favorite, and in the end i gave my vote to Kani… in my opinion she nailed the theme without going for an understated look (like a couple of the other competitors), but went full on bold patterns and colors, which takes alot of guts and creativity!

i visited some of the competitor’s blogs, and the ones that i’m adding to my blogroll are: The Modern Man by Billy- creative, wearable, dressy-casual and just a great source of inspiration for the boy who wants a couple of new ideas and outfits :)
next is Fashion Hedonism by Christing- extremely stylish, high end mixed with high street mixed with vintage. amazingly cool combinations, the perfect source for experimenting with different styles, fabrics and colors.
jazzabelle’s diary by Jazmine- a wonderful collection of pictures from her travels, and beautiful lithe style inspirations. She is all about the colors and texture mix, and pulls very cute, stylish and effortless outfits.

hope you enjoy these blogs as much as i do, and spare a couple of minutes to take a look at the asos future stylist competition, it’s alot of fun, and you can get so many ideas from the outfits these guys pull!

One Response to “future stylists increase my blogroll”

  1. Natachasteven 06/03/2012 at 15:03 #

    awesome outfit!

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