i <3 the postman

24 Feb

i love love love the postman. he always brings me nice things. like for example the asos package i got this week. (he leaves the silly envelopes in the mailbox, so thoughtful, right?)

i also love love love asos. it’s like an obsession! i can’t go a few days without browsing the site, and reveling in the beauty of the things on there. i also can very rarely stop myself from filling the shopping cart, and press on the damned buy button. oh well.
this week’s purchases include a beautiful mint colored shirt dress with a dipped hem. and i couldn’t resist getting it in cobalt blue aswell! since i was in a very pastel-y mood, i opted for the lemon colored 7/8th skinny jeans while browsing the pants section.

mint green dress

cobalt blue dress

lemon yellow jeans

i found the shirt i’ve had my eye on ever since seeing it on the gabifresh blog! i was so happy! isn’t it supercool?

supercool panther shirt

next, in the footwear and accessories categories, i found a really cute filigrane charm bracelet from Anouska London, a pair of leather and canvas wedges that will go with everything in spring and summer, and 4 pairs of espadrilles! i know 4 pairs might seem alot, but honestly, i got my first pair last summer, and i wore the hell out of them- they are literally falling to pieces, so i needed to replace them asap! let me tell you why they are so cool: 1. super versatile, go with everything 2. extremely comfy 3. less dressy than ballerinas 4. more dressy than flipflops – i could go on and on, but let’s just say that you don’t regret buying them! i got them in black, navy, coral and with a flower pattern.

leather and canvas wedges

Anouska London elephant charm bracelet

coral espadrilles

flower espadrilles

if you haven’t tried shopping on asos yet, i highly recommend it :)
they ship for free worldwide, and their customer service is very good (in case you need to get in touch for returns/refunds).


2 Responses to “i <3 the postman”

  1. Mandy 25/02/2012 at 02:22 #

    Nice picks!

  2. brownponytail 25/02/2012 at 13:54 #

    thank you! xoxo

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