the day after v-day

15 Feb

valentine’s day, the day where love is celebrated, couples are coupling, lovers are loving and singles are singling…
also, it’s society’s way of making single people feel like lepery pariahs, as if this particular day doesn’t concern them. on you go, on your way home. alone. all day alone. forever! dun dun duuuunnn.
thanks for that, society! really, you shouldn’t have. isn’t it enough that every store looks like st. valentine himself (i guess) barfed all over it?
red, pink, hearts and teddy bears dominate the aisles of this (and probably every other) city. and for what? an artificial, forced feeling of “love all around”? why do we need this one day, to make your other, so significant? shouldn’t the feelings and spirit of valentine’s day, be what is the norm? so what, you can treat your partner like crap, or averagely all year round, but on valentine’s day, like royalty? doesnt’t seem fair, or nice to me. not wanting to sound bitter, i’m happily single, and i’m happy for everyone in a relationship, celebrating this day.

thankfully, today is the 15th of february.
roses, stuffed animals, and chocolates in heart shaped boxes- all on sale at the stores, because no one really needs them anymore. i almost feel sorry for them… then again, now is the time to stock up on cheap chocolate! :)

since the only date i had yesterday, came from a tree, and my brother bought me roses (how sweet, right?), i was more than happy spending my day in the company of vampires, werewolves and ghosts. i had me a little being human, supernatural and vampire diaries marathon. honestly, couldn’t have asked for better entertainment. and so the day passed, and so did valentine’s 2012. on to the next, right?


One Response to “the day after v-day”

  1. Jeyna Grace 15/02/2012 at 17:54 #

    team salvatores ftw!

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