12 Feb

beep. beep.”whitney is dead.” that’s what i woke up to this morning. groggily reading the offending text, it took me a few seconds to realise, that i just learned of the death of an icon.

whitney houston, you had your ups, you definitely had your downs, but through it all, your star never stopped shining. i am truly sad about our loss of whitney. countless times, her words and melodies have helped me (and millions of others) through heartaches- but also elated me, and given me hope for better things to come. how many times have we belted out “i will always love you” and “the greatest love of all” on karaoke machines?
the stunning woman with the incredible voice and the lovely smile- the diva- has finally found peace.
whitney- thank you for the words, the emotions, the melodies and the bodyguard. rest in peace, troubled soul. <3

goodbye, beautiful- you will be missed


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