11 Feb

today, i found what probably is the last item of this year’s winter sale that i had to have.
A beautiful wool mix chanel type jacket with a matte sequin trim from zara!
I already had my eye on this beauty when it was new collection, but due to the price, and the fact that i didn’t need it, i never bought it. you can imagine my joy when i found it today all by itself on a sales rack, in my size! there was no question, i had to have it! and with this price, it would have been a crime to leave it- this was destiny!
You ever played that game, that when you like something, but aren’t sure about buying it (for whatever reason), you hide it somewhere in the store, and if you come back the next day, and it’s still there, means it’s meant to be yours? Well there you go, this was the sales version of the game :)
I love that this jacket/cardigan can be worn with a shirt and dressier pants, aswell as with a white tshirt and jeans- it adds instant cool and chic to any outfit! And the coloring is super practical- gray shades… Can it be more combinable (is that a word?)??


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