tv shows, my obsession

10 Feb

i’m a tv show addict. there, i’ve said it.
many will think it’s because of the free time i have on my hands at the moment, but oh no! that’s been going on for the past two years at least, and even when fully employed, i still made the time to watch my favorite tv shows. i don’t really have a preferred genre, even though crime shows like dexter, csi, law and order, cold case and criminal intent are some of my preferred shows to watch before going to bed. a bit weird, i’ll admit, but there’s nothing more satisfying than bringing a criminal to justice, before getting some shut eye :)

i’m also totally into the whole supernatural thing, so it goes without saying that true blood, supernatural, vampire diaries and being human are to be found in my collection. i haven’t given grimm a go yet, and the secret circle and merlin are also worthwhile i hear, but it’s getting a bit hard finding time to start new shows!

my preferred comedies are new girl, 2 broke girls, are you there chelsea, whitney, how i met your mother, the big bang theory, cougar town, friends (duh), and family guy.
then, the medical shows: grey’s anatomy and hart of dixie (which isn’t really medical, but for classification’s sake…)
i also never miss gossip girl, glee, pan am and one tree hill

i’m sure i forgot a couple right now, but my pizza just came- time to kick back with the cheesy goodness, and back-to-back being human viewing!


2 Responses to “tv shows, my obsession”

  1. Jeyna Grace 15/02/2012 at 18:01 #

    me too! So now i have to refrain from adding more shows to my watch list.

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