cool bags

9 Feb

while i was in new york, i saw people (mostly hipsters actually, but they’re people too ;) ) running around with canvas totes. some just white or cream, some colored, or others had funny writing or drawings on them… i thought it pretty cool, i mean a canvas tote is very versatile, and you can fit pretty much anything in it! apart from being super easy to clean, just throw it in the wash!

on a blog i was reading (it sucks i can’t remember what it was called), i saw this really funny tote, that had a print of a chanel or hermés bag on it, it was so cool!

so i researched a little online, and found this

how cool is this???
it’s from the site called WE MAKE THE CAKE, and there’s alot of similar totes, in white and black (actually, i think there’s a couple of colored ones too). the other one i loved was this

you know what, my cats will get everything :)
i think i’m gonna buy these two totes, they’re so cool and practical, i might have just found my two “everyday” bags for the summer!

on a different note, i got a call today for the second interview round at the company i was hoping for! i’m beyond excited, and cant wait to go!
i also have no idea yet what to wear, thank god it’s not a formal company, so i can kind of wear whatever i want, so choosing the right outfit is crucial!
i’ll post a pic of the final choice :) oh which reminds me, there’s been only one outfit of the day post until now, not because i go out of the house naked, but because i decided to only post the outfits that are worth it, you know, that i think are really special, or that i am particularly proud of. no nudist blogging ;)

ps: i love hipsters, i wish vienna had more cool/cute/hot hipsters like nyc!

One Response to “cool bags”

  1. Alana 10/02/2012 at 11:46 #

    when you order the Chanel one, please order one for me too :*
    and I cannot wait to see you at 15:00 and see what you’re wearing!!! :D

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