tattoo brainstorm

2 Feb

i’ve wanted to get another tattoo for a while now, and i think i even finally settled for one… see, i love animals, i used to have a horse a few years ago (i had to sell him when i moved to vienna), and i have the 3 sweetest, cutest and funniest cats in the world! so what better suited design is there, than to ink a cat? i searched the internet extensively, and my favorite cat- design is this one:

it’s elegant, sleek, feminine, pretty- and i think it would fit perfectly on my ribcage :)

i was also thinking of maybe getting a cute, funky tattoo, like these cupcake or chubby unicorn ones: but then again, do i really want an obese pony with a horn, or a multicolored novelty cake somewhere on my body? no, i do not. if i’m already going to permanently draw on my skin, i’d better make sure it’s something that i can live with for the rest of my life.

it’s funny how some people don’t seem to realise the importance a well chosen design has! there are several websites that ridicule the poor decisions people make about tattoos; my favorite is the one of the cheezburger network, under the FAIL category, Ugliest Tattoos. it’s hilarious, and the moderator comments every single entry, and it has me laughing out loud every time!
what surprises me though, is that even celebrities make crucial mistakes like spelling when they get writing tattooed. a good example is Hayden Panettiere:
her tat says: vivere senza rimipianti, which is italian, and means to live without regrets. that’s awesome and all, but it should actually read: vivere senza rimpianti. no extra “i“! such a shame, because not only is her back now ruined with a botched tattoo, no, it also makes her look silly and uncultured. i shouldn’t rant about it, it might not even be her fault, maybe the tattoo artist messed up, but usually before you get inked, they stencil you first, to check that everything is like you wanted… i guess we’ll never know :)

i don’t know yet when i’ll be getting my cat tattooed, but i hope it will be before summertime, so i can show it off :P


2 Responses to “tattoo brainstorm”

  1. Mia 02/02/2012 at 23:02 #

    oh wow, I was just thinking about the same topic an hour ago!
    Cat is beautiful, forget an obese pony with a horn (lol) or a cupcake :))


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