1 Feb

I made muffins today, for the first time again in ages! I don’t know why, but my baking comes in phases. During a phase, I whip up 2-3 batches a week, and get really creative with the ingredients. My favorite ones are cocoa batter with raspberries and white chocolate chips- I’m sure I’ll be doing those soon again :) the ones I made today were my first attempt at banana muffins. I added a pinch of cinnamon to the batter, and gave half of the batch nutella hearts :) I absolutely love nutella, and I also love nutella and bananas on toast, so I figured I can’t go wrong with the combo :)
Granted, my muffins aren’t the prettiest, and I’m sure some icing would fix their look, but the icing always makes cupcakes so heavy! So, in spirit with Max from 2 Broke Girls, my cupcakes/muffins aren’t pretty, but they’re amazing :)

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